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is spider 3 212 150w compadible with jm4 looper
by phil159 on 2009-06-24 06:23:21.2900

Ive got the spider 3 212 150w amp and im looking at buying the jm4 looper to get the same result as the spider jam 75w. Are they compatible and how well do they work together as i think i will have to get a clean sound from the amp to use the effects on the jm4

Re: is spider 3 212 150w compadible with jm4 looper
by Rowbi on 2009-06-24 07:25:57.3540

well it wouldn't sound quite as good, because the clean sound on the spider is still a simulation of a clean amp (a fender perhaps).

you would perhps be able to use the JM4 in bypass mode (without amp model or FX) so that it is just a looper, and all other sounds come from the amp.  this may work.

alternatively, I think the spider jam isn't much more than the JM4.  cheapest JM4 i found was £229 and spider jam £299 so it may be worth getting the jam.... or maybe trading your surrent amp for the spider jam, is 75 watts is enough?



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