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How to connect POD HD 300? Urgent help!
by Yulianus on 2013-03-23 10:22:05.4200

Hi, I have a POD HD 300, and I can say that the pedal is, with all the words, simply incredible, althought I have to say that I have a lot of doubts about how I have to configurate the options which it disposes of at te hour of connecting it to an amplifier, to a recorder... adjusting us to the areas of use it is created for. What I only can say is that I would be very thnakful with all the people who could help me to overcome this hell. If this topic had been solved before, I wold be very thankful if someone could give the link to solve my questions. Thanks so much, and keep in contact.

1. If I would like to connect my POD:

-To the Input of an amplifier: Mono output/Live/Amp

-To a PA, recorder or mixer: Mono output/Line/Studio

Is all correct?

But, when I wanted to connect the POD to an amplifier and, at the same time, to a recorder or mixer, besides using Dual option, which other option should I have to choose, Line or Amp? and where should I have to connect the cable from the mono and right output, Mono output to the input amplifier and Right output to the mixer, or vice versa? And in the case of connecting it to the return loop of my amplifier, using also Dual option?

2. When I wanted to use Dual option, should I have to use a cable from the mono and right outputs to connect them to a mixer/recorder and to an Amplifier, or to connect it, using mono output, to an amplifier, and, from the amplifier, to take a cable to the recorder?

3. If I would like to connect the POD to the return loop of my amplifier (because I only want the sound and effects which come from the POD), which options should I have to choose, Line/Amp - Studio/Live?

4. Which is exactly the funcionality of right unbalanced output?

5. At the hour of using one of the balanced output (I've heard that it doesn't matter if you use left or right one), how do I have to configurate the options Line/Amp - Studio/Live, or what just matters in this aspect is to configurate GND/LIFT option?

6. Which programme do you use to take out the presets from the POD and to save them in your computer, in MIDI format?

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