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recording with pod x3 live
by chintesolo on 2013-03-23 12:37:33.8510

can anyone help me with getting a good metal/djent tone recorded into my daw using the x3 live? i've tried going into the interface from the 1/4" outputs and using the s/pdif out from the x3. both times got nothing but a very fuzzy tone. when i initially bought the x3 and went through the steps to connect it the computer recognized it. but now when i go over the same steps it won't. doing a clean install was why i had to do that again. my setup is ; lexicon omega interface, ableton live 8 intro. core i7 laptop with 6GB memory , 64 bit OS , running windows 7. i hope that wasn't too much blah,blahing but i wanted to make sure all possible info was here. big thanks to any and all for future help.

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