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Confused about how to use Delay Settings
by The_Fly_ on 2009-07-02 11:01:36.5370

I am trying to emulate the exact delay effect that the Edge (from U2) use's on the live version of the song "Bad".  There are a few individuals [primarly on youtube] that have shared some great insight into settings - however; they are using AXE FX... so I am a bit confused on how to translate their input into what I can do with the M13.

Here are the setting suggestions:

432 ms [this i know what to do adjust - simple]

dotted eigth note [bit confused - because i thought you can only select either this or an actual ms setting]??

2.311 hz [I have NO clue what to do with this]???

Anybody with some input/tips would be greatly apprecaited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am an idiot with this stuff - so please break it down!!


Re: Confused about how to use Delay Settings
by jvblack on 2009-07-02 13:34:11.4590

Dotted eighth note:

Take the song tempo in beats/minute (BPM).

Do some math:   60/BPM=Time per beat ; Time per beat X 1000 = Time per beat in milliseconds

A dotted eighth note is 3/4 of a beat ( 0.75 of a beat).

Do some more math:  Time per beat in milliseconds / 0.75 = your delay setting for that song at that temp repeating a dotted eighth note.


Set a delay for dotted eighth note delay time in milliseconds for a song with a tempo of 100 beats per minute:

60 / 100 = 0.6     (time per beat in seconds)

0.6 X 1000 = 600  (time per beat in milliseconds)

600 X 0.75 = 450 (delay setting in milliseconds for a dotted eighth note delay at 100 beats per minute.


2.311 Hz

Hz (Hertz) indicates how many times something happens in one second.

There are 1000 milliseconds in a second.

To get a delay setting in milliseconds when given hertz, you simply do the math:

1000 / Hz = delay setting in milliseconds.  (actually the reciprocal of the frequency)


Set a delay in milliseconds to repeat at a frequency of 2.311 Hz.

1000 / 2.311 = 432.71  (your delay setting in milliseconds, but you should probably round off to 432 ms or even 430 ms.)

Conversion factors:

Where we used .75 for a dotted eighth note, here are the figures you use for other common note values:

Whole Note                      4

Dotted Half Note             3

Half Note                          2

Dotted Quarter Note      1.5

Quarter Note                   1

Dotted Eighth Note          0.75

Eighth Note                       0.5    

Dotted Sixteenth Note     0.375

Sixteenth Note                  0.25

Hope this helps,


Re: Confused about how to use Delay Settings
by The_Fly_ on 2009-07-06 11:22:04.3060

WOW!  Thank you Joe!  I am going to have to play with this (and digest) - lots of great information here.  I really appreciate you thoroughness!  I might but you in the future with some more questions after playing with this.


Re: Confused about how to use Delay Settings
by MGrd on 2009-07-14 07:31:32.2930

I'm not sure since I'm not into that sound, but this article at may help:

It's about the so called "Cascaded Delay"

Re: Confused about how to use Delay Settings
by Brian_C on 2009-08-04 08:22:11.7040

Hi Fly,

   I may have responded to you on another forum (tut tut tut) about Edge’s delay.

I love playing this song, it’s probably my all time fav song.   I play this song through a DigiTech RP500 and into a Spider III amp and get a great Edge Bad sound.

I use 440ms, 2 repeats at 90%.  The key to getting that chugga chugga sound on the A and D strings is that you’ll need to mute them with your picking hand and you MUST use a Compressor.  The only distortion I use is from the AC30 amp model set to 70 I think.

Also remember to throw in a couple of open A and D strings in the solo – play the solo backwards to what you hear on the CD, this is due to the delay. The solo is simple to play, but getting it to sound like Edge is pretty difficult, it took me quiet a bit of effort to get it right.

BTW: I seen them last week playing Dublin's Croke Park - wow - A totally stunning show.

Re: Confused about how to use Delay Settings
by The_Fly_ on 2009-08-08 19:15:29.9800

Thank you Brian_C!  Great insight!  I have been getting MUCH closer - and you called it about using the palm mute... that seems to be helping me get much more in line with the effect that Edge creates on that masterpiece!

The solo is getting better also... i have tried to palm mute the A and D string during the solo.. that seems to make it sound closer to the 'real thing'...  Do you palm mute those two strings during the solo section also?  However; i am still having a difficult time playing the right tempo.. i seem to keep wanting to speed it up to fast.

Lucky!!!  I don't get to see them till they roll into the U.S. (Chicago)... my wife and I are doing both Chi-town shows... can't FREAKING WAIT!!!

Take Care


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