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ux 1 and pod farm in the effects loop
by hexom66 on 2013-03-24 16:12:18.5800

i have been using pod farm for a couple yrs now and i love it .. but it was time to step up to a live rig and i bought  a randall kh120. ist it possible to run pod farm in the effects loop of my amp to use the effects ?

Re: ux 1 and pod farm in the effects loop
by QsBlues on 2013-03-24 17:08:51.2150

Yes, it is possible.  From the effects loop send, into the line input, then from the main output to effects loop return.  Adjust the send and return levels on the amp, and make sure the output on the UX1 is maxed.  You can then add as many effects as your computer will allow without crashing.  You want to make sure the wet/dry mix is 100% wet if you are using a parallel loop, adjust to taste if it's a series loop.  It should work just fine.  I use this method with a my tube amps.

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