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by BHBL6 on 2013-03-24 18:22:09.0010

Hey, I've been running my pod via 4 cable method into my amp with what was my guitar of choice (two humbuckers) sounded great all effects were working, could use my amp to provide the sound rather than using the POD's modelling. I've wanted a Telecaster for a while so I went and bought one, in addition I fitted Bareknuckle Pickups.

Now all the Pod gives out a stupid amount of buzzing when I use this guitar, I mean unplayable. At first I thought it was the guitar so I opened it up, checked all the wires, ensured it was grounded correctly and all was fine internally with my guitar. Plugged it back into my Pod and again horrendous buzzing! Right so I knew the guitar wasn't the problem, checked my cables again wasn't the cables, still getting the buzzing. Picked up another guitar which had both humbucker and single coil. Put the pickup selector on single coil, horrendous buzzing yet again, as a sign of defeat pretty much I flicked the selector to the bridge pickup and like that the buzzing immediately disappeared.

Unplugged the amp incase that was the problem too. Still get the buzzing direct from the Pod when using single coils. Now this guitar isn't mine (with the humbucker and single coils) my guitar has 2 single coils. Which means the Pod is absolute useless to me if it won't work with single coils.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I've used noise gates, yeah the buzzing stops when not being played but as soon as I start to play the buzzing is at the front of the sound. If I turn the tone knob down on either guitar, the buzzing disappears.

I really need help with this, I need this Pod to record with at uni.

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