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Using the M20d with a stage box
by malcevansmusic on 2013-03-25 01:26:55.4900


I've recently purchased an M20d and I'm excited to be using such a fantastic and intuitive piece of kit. The added bonus is that is small and light as well!

I run a monthly acoustic night and have a 12 input stage box that I have used with another desk up until now. This meant that I could set up the desk at the back of the room and connect to the stage.

I do not own an iPad, so I cannot take advantage of the wireless mixing technology at the moment (!!Please can Line 6 do an Android version of this!!).

Does anyone have any experience of using the mixer with a stage box? In particular, how to deal with the fact that the desk will think it has 12 microphones plugged in and in fact I may have other instruments using those channels?

Thank you for any advice!


Re: Using the M20d with a stage box
by malcevansmusic on 2013-03-25 03:09:51.5640

I'm assuming that it may be as simple as plugging in the 12 XLR's from the stage box, then manually changing the channel names and graphics? Are the processessing options different as a result?

Re: Using the M20d with a stage box
by ArneLine6 on 2013-03-25 09:48:42.7830

No, the options are the same. If you have a snake plugged in and all the channels show up with default microphones you can create a new setup and drag the channels from the icon gallery or unplug and replug the channel you want to instatiate. You can always reassign the input using the input patch in setup mode>

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