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DT25 with Rivera Rockcrusher/ attenuator
by Stratman82 on 2013-03-25 03:43:37.2050

Hi guys,

I have a DT25 112 and podHD300. For home practice, 99% of my guitar playing at present, I've mainly been using the podHD300 alone via headphones or  into a Yamaha THR10 as a quiet speaker.

Like many on this forum I've spent hour upon hour tinkering with the podHD unit (which is great)  but the tone never quite fully emulates or matches the DT25 unit in full power mode. This is as you would expect- after all there would be no point in investing in the DT tube amp if a podHD through speakers/PA sounded just as good.

Obviously though the DT25 in full mode is way too loud for home use when used as it is intended!

I like the look of the Rivera Rockcrusher which, while expensive, seems to have the best functionality and may be the safest option in terms of protecting the amp. Does anyone have any experience of this attenuator and particularly using it with the DT25? Which speaker output would I use and how exactly would I connect it all up? Does it sound as awesome as I imagine it would?!


Re: DT25 with Rivera Rockcrusher/ attenuator
by Stueyd on 2013-03-25 08:32:55.1660

I can't comment on the Rockcrusher, but I use a DR.Z Brake Lite attenuator and although a bit pricey (£150 in UK) it "does what it says on the tin".

I can have my volumes up high to get those great valve sounds but without deafening the rest of the band.

From the website.... "The Brake Lite works with any tube amp up to 45 watts and can be used with 4, 8, or 16, ohm loads. Very simple to install, the Brake Lite mounts with 2 screws and has a hardwired speaker cable to plug into the amp chassis. Plug the speaker into the Brake Lite and you are ready to go."

I've also had one of these in my Marshall 1974X for the last 6 years (which was my primary amp until I bought the DT25 last September) and it's never given any problems.

So if the Rockcrusher is like the Dr.Z and claims it works for your power and resistance you should be able to use it without any worries. And in my opinion the DT does sound better with the volume up high and the valves "cooking".


Re: DT25 with Rivera Rockcrusher/ attenuator
by Stratman82 on 2013-03-25 09:03:36.2420

Thanks for the advice. How quiet can it get the DT25 with the volumes up high? Bedroom levels?

Re: DT25 with Rivera Rockcrusher/ attenuator
by wolbai on 2013-03-26 15:17:55.9620

I am using a RIVERA Rockcrusher with a DT50/212 and a 2x12 cab (16 ohm as the combo wattage load) since 1 year and I am gigging with it too. I therefore 2 x 16 Ohm load which I connect to the attenuator in parallel which gives a total load of 8 Ohm.

I had a different attenuator (SPL reducer) before and was not completely satisfied with the coloring the attenuator did in lower volume modes.

The sound coloration of the RIVERA is very minimal due to original sound I would say. It also helped me a lot in the past during gigs in small locations where I had to bring my overall volume down and still maintain an acceptable tube driven guitar amp sound.

The RIVERA is a high end attenator with some features which not every attenuator has:

- you can switch between 8 and 16 Ohm load

- you can easily add a second speaker box in parallel to your combo

You can bring your volume down to an absolute bedroom level running your POD HD  with pre amp models and DT25/50 in full power mode. But of course in such a very low volume mode the overall sound is not as good as if you have reduced it by let say -3db.

I personally do not use the Attenuator for such low volume levels, because I am practicing at home like you with the POD HD 500 and AKG-headphones (K 271). It is very much more to adapt at rehearshal and to specific gig locations where we are forced to reduce the overall band volume.

Whether the additional price of a RIVERA is really justifiable - I honestly do not know. But I wanted to be on the safety side and was therefore prepared to spend some more coins to avoid potential amp defects. But attenuators like Dr. Z airbrake, Weber should be also okay. At least that is what I have read in these forums. You should choose one with enough wattage (I would add at least 25-50% more wattage than your amp to cover peaks). And I would recommend to choose one with variable Ohm settings, so this a investment you can use also with other amps, boxes in the future.

Your 112 combo should have a 8 ohm speaker load. You can see this how the speaker is connected to the amp on the rear of your combo. In principle you need an attenuator which matches your speaker load (in your case I think 8 Ohm). Then you connect the speaker to the power attenuator speaker input and you need a cable to connect the attenutaor with your amp. It is normaly very self explained described in the manual. Thats it. No rocket science.

Attached is a photo of my guitar rig.

Re: DT25 with Rivera Rockcrusher/ attenuator
by Stratman82 on 2013-03-27 00:34:37.5920

Great, thanks. As you say, it may be overkill just for home practice when the podHD alone or DT25 in LVM will probably suffice. I'll give it some more thought. I agree that if you are going to attenuate the amp you are probably best with a top quality attenuator for safety.

Re: DT25 with Rivera Rockcrusher/ attenuator
by Stratman82 on 2013-04-05 22:41:14.6310

Ended up getting a second hand THD hotplate attenuator on eBay at a reasonable price (less than half that of a new rock rusher). I heard Bonamassa uses a hotplate at home so if it's good enough for Joe!

Early experimentation is promising-need to use it more before I can confirm whether or not the tones (at home volumes) are definitely better than with full amp patches in LVM without the attenuator.

It's actually quite difficult to directly compare the two methods without having some sort of decibel reader to make sure any difference isn't purely volume related!

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