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Firmware update for M13?
by mvillarreal on 2013-03-25 05:06:40.8910

Im not sure how to update my M13 and Im not sure if a update wil help.

My M13 is acting a bit slow to change effects through the moduar knob and sometimes the effects do not work when they are lit up.

I downloaded the Line 6 Monkey and apparently the M13 is non existent in the updates. So I tried going through my usb/midi from my M13 to the computer and the Monkey software wont read my M13.

Im not sure where or how to get my firmware updates for the M13, could anyone please help me out and give me intuctions to get the software update?

Re: Firmware update for M13?
by kevanprince on 2013-03-25 23:41:59.9550

Don't use Monkey for M13.">">

And yes, I think an update will help you.

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