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JTV-59 and POD HD500 -- Problems Using VDI
by bradrourke on 2013-03-25 09:34:39.9170

I love my JTV-59, and I love my Pod HD500 separately. I even love them together, when I connect them using a 1/4" cable. But what I REALLY want to do is use the VDI cable so I can control the Variax via footswitch and (most important) never worry about battery life -- e.g. in a long 3-set night.

Unfortunately, when I use the VDI cable, I get very strange and unacceptable behavior. For a while, things work as expected. Until I try to change presets. At that point, I get long periods of silence followed by intermittent explosions of sound. Meanwhile, if I look over at the connectivity page of the i/o options, it looks like the choice of "global / preset" input keeps flickering back and forth.

I've set input as "global" and control as "unlocked" -- I am not trying at this point to change Variax models per preset, just want to keep whatever model I have on the guitar and use different Pod patches, al wothout worrying about battery life.

What am I missing here?

Re: JTV-59 and POD HD500 -- Problems Using VDI
by silverhead on 2013-03-25 10:50:19.8710

My first suspicion is a faulty VDI cable. As a test, try using an oridnary CAT5 (Ethernet) cable. Be careful connecting/disconnecting it because it doesn't have the protective housing, but a brief test should tell you whether or not the VDI cable is the problem.

Re: JTV-59 and POD HD500 -- Problems Using VDI
by fstaunton on 2013-03-25 12:33:31.2710

If your DVI cable checks out ok, then I would check the input settings on screen 3 of the "System &I/O" screens.  Make sure your "Input1 Source" is set to Variax and the "Input 2 Source" is set to something else, like "Mic".  Not sure why, but some have found that the magnetic pickups "bleed" through if "Input 2 Source" is set to "Variax" or "Guitar".  It's worth a try.

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