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UX1 Pod Farm 'helicopter'
by mwbarnett on 2009-03-12 17:59:23.6240

I have a UX1 and Pod Farm with a guitar plugges into the Instrument port and headphones in the Phones port. The sound started to flake out on me, that is, when I strum the guitar it sounds like 'helicopter blades' spinning (sorry, that's the best description I can come up with). I tried changing the Gear in Pod Farm and reinstalled the drivers using Line 6 Monkey. Got any further suggestions? Might I have a bad UX1? Should I reinstall Pod Farm?

Re: UX1 Pod Farm 'helicopter'
by jmpatton on 2009-03-13 05:12:55.7750

I'd be interested to know what the answer to this is as well.  I had pod farm and a UX1 hooked up perfectly, then my computer dies.  I got a new computer, installed everything and got the same 'Helicopter' sound.  I reinstalled all the drivers, etc....and still got the helicopter.  Unfortunatly, i could never get it to work so I use Vox and Toneworks stuff now.  I really loved my POD Farm but it was unreliable.

Re: UX1 Pod Farm 'helicopter'
by Line6Hugo on 2009-03-13 08:57:27.7190


There are several reasons why you may be getting pops or 'helicopter' sounds with our USB devices. Here are some things you should check first:

1. Fill out your support profile at

2. Ensure that you have tested all cables to make sure that they are not defective (USB, audio, etc.)

3. Ensure that you have all cables connections set up properly

4. Adjust the Buffer Slider in the Line 6 Audio MIDI Control Panel. (Windows Users: Start/All Programs/Line6/Tools/Audio-MIDI Devices; Mac Users: System Preferences/Other/Audio-MIDI Devices)

5. Adjust Sample Rates and Bit Depths in the Line 6 Audio MIDI Control Panel and ensure that the Sample Rates and Bit Depth settings in the Line 6 Audio MIDI Control Panel also match the project settings in your DAW/recording application

6. Ensure that you have the Line 6 device set up in your operating system as the main input/output device (sound card); disable internal sound card in your operating system’s Device Manager control panel

7. Ensure that your Line 6 USB Device is not connected to a powered USB hub; direct USB ports are required and please try ALL available direct USB ports during the troubleshooting process

8. Remove all non-essential USB peripherals from the computer (not the mouse or keyboard)

9. Disable any wireless cards on computer in Device Manager

10. Set Power Schemes on computer in Control Panel (PC Only) to Always On

11. There are also several other tips and optimizations you can make on your PC. Please refer to the following document for more information:

Please try all of the above first and let us know if you continue to have any more problems.



Re: UX1 Pod Farm 'helicopter'
by mwbarnett on 2009-03-17 19:00:40.3240

Thanks for the information and I will check these. One other interesting characteristic of this problem is that it only happens after using PodFarm/UX1 for a time, sometimes as much as an hour. However, eventually the 'kernel times' in the Windows task manager performance graphic start to rise and the 'helicopter' returns.

I really like the PodFarm/UX 1, but I needs it to be more reliable.

Thanks for your help.

Re: UX1 Pod Farm 'helicopter'
by mwbarnett on 2009-06-28 17:23:39.1770

This seems odd to me (maybe it isn't) but I think the problem I had was due to my laptop getting too hot. Whenever this problem occurred I noticed that my machine was very hot, so I propped it up and pointed a small fan at the machine. The machine stays cool and I no longer have the problem. Am I imagining things?

Re: UX1 Pod Farm 'helicopter'
by AParedes on 2009-06-29 08:49:19.1790

I have not heard of this situation before, but it sounds like you computer is having some operational issues.  Have you duplicated the same scenario with a different model computer?  If not, it sounds like it is computer specific to your machine.

Re: UX1 Pod Farm 'helicopter'
by mwbarnett on 2010-01-02 16:02:02.3540

(sorry for the late response)

I was also having problems with DVDs, and all these problems go away when I use an external fan (I ended up buying one of the pads with built-in fans). The machine stays cool, by DVDs work and I can use the UX1 for hours without a problem.

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