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Backtrack mic firmware update step by step?
by JackMills on 2009-03-12 19:05:26.1160

BackTrack mic firmware update o1 to o3, need to dumb it down, step by step. for mac, Thanks

Re: Backtrack mic firmware update step by step?
by Jeraxle on 2009-03-12 22:57:28.7190

1, Go here:  and download v1.03.

2,  Run the downloaded program

3,  Connect your Backtrack + Mic to your computer and verify that it installed properly.

As of right now, the firmware for the BT+Mic is version 1.01 I believe (I don't have it with me at the moment).  That should be what was installed at the factory.  If not, you'll need to contact Line6 Support and have them send you the proper firmware.

If you were referring to v1.03 of the setup utility, the above process with take care of you.

Re: Backtrack mic firmware update step by step?
by JackMills on 2009-03-13 05:59:30.7780

OK, thanks for the quick reply.  o3 is the set up. hmmm. My literal issue is that the btmic was working fine for a couple of days. I learned the buttons, volume and level codes etc. then when turned on to record the light will flash dark blue but not shift to the other lighter solid blue when it is suppose to be recording.  Apparently no matter the level setting. Additionally when the play and mark buttons are pressed together the btmic does not shift the light to red and a hard record. Seems to me it would work the other day.

I figured it is mostly software making this thing run so if there was an upgrade it might reset everything there by making everything work without this long exchange with you.

Oh well best laid plans etc.

I will reveiw the info you sent and see if it is indeed an issue or not.

That's the rest of the story.



Re: Backtrack mic firmware update step by step?
by darealagentp on 2009-03-13 11:30:48.1810

You might try a hard reset on the BackTrack unit itself:

To perform a hard reset you'll need to manually press a small object like a paper clip into the small hole on the side of the Backtrack. The hole is located on the opposite side of all the UI controls (Backtrack) or on the side opposite the microphone (Backtrack + Mic). Hold the button down for three seconds and then remove the paperclip. The LED on the device will glow white, blink a few times, and then begin blinking blue. You have now successfully reset your Backtrack.

Re: Backtrack mic firmware update step by step?
by JackMills on 2009-03-13 15:19:08.7540

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I have attempted the reset with the paper clip with the btmic set on record (top toggle position) and on playback (center toggle position).

The light went white blinked and blinked dark blue as in ready to record (or green in playback toggle position}.

However there still is no recording or file being made.  Not even a hard record.

There is an intermitant clipping signal (red blink) with average noise or spoken word. Lowering level has not effected this and the light never goes to solid blue or light blue, as it would to indicate audio capture.

Thanks again for you all's help.


Re: Backtrack mic firmware update step by step?
by AParedes on 2009-03-13 15:33:08.7200


Please see your support ticket for more information:


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