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HD500 Tap Tempo Issue
by danleedham on 2013-03-26 09:48:38.3970

Hi guys,

Absolutley love my HD500 and have giged it a few times with and without my XTLive as both full and individual effect type FX-loops. My only issue with the HD500 is that I seem to be having a mare with the tap tempo. Due to the nature of my band and the scenarios I play in, the tempo of our songs are either not set, or will vary (deliberatley) during songs, and as such I need to tap the new/different tempo in mid-songs so can't simply patch them all in by hand. When I had the XTLive (I prefered the actual physical pedal for tapping on that to the 500 as I sometimes play without shoes on) I would simply tap tempos in (sometimes in a '4' beat, sometimes for longer, depending how I was feeling the song) and I was never once let down. Since then I've played with the DD-5 and Line6 DL4 (beaut btw) and never had an issue with tapping times in correctly.

With the HD500, whenever I tap tempos in, the tempo that the board gives me (by either looking via POD HD500 Edit, or onboard Settings~Page 6) is always wrong (between 60-75 it seems to get near enough), and most of the time lands at 240.00BPM. I've tried tapping with the hand and it gives me the same result. I'm on the latest firmware and have settings set to Preset. I have toyed with hooking my XTLive up via Midi to do the tapping for me, but then it's a pain with having to tap / change presets when I'm using a preset that I've dialed in by hand on the HD500. Anyone got any suggestions? I've pondered dismantling and cleaning out for dust, but wanted to see if anyone else had a similar issue before I do something wrong.

I hope this gets past / thru all the spam on the website...

Re: HD500 Tap Tempo Issue
by scottyo78 on 2013-03-26 14:20:17.5240

You can't set the tempo via HD500 Edit... for the time being, it's a known bug. You have to do it on the POD itself for which I even unplug the USB cable. I know cuz I was spinning around and around over this same issue and posed the question a few months ago.

There are two ways I do it.

  1. If I'm playing to a specific click track, for example 114bpm, I'll use this method... see page 2-10 in the Manual (v2.10). Be sure to press "Save" for your preset(s).
  2. If I'm playing live, not using a click track then you can tap tempo with the song and it'll follow. For me in this scenario, I'll then press "Save" also as for the next time I play the song I'll be close.

Lastly, if you have multiple time signatures within a song my only suggestion is to save the same preset with your different tempos.

P.S. Yeah... what's the deal with all the spam in the website??? If you select "Open Questions" vs. 'All' then it seems to filter the crap out.

Re: HD500 Tap Tempo Issue
by silverhead on 2013-03-26 14:41:42.2090

Check your presets. If they are manually set to a specific tempo (in milliseconds) then that defeats the Tap Tempo button; the tempo will remain fixed to the specific setting. In order to have the Tap Tempo button effective your preset needs to have the tempo set to one of the available time signatures (e.g. 1/4, 1/8, dotted, triplet, ....). Then you will see that the specific tempo (in milliseconds) varies according to the Tap Tempo footswitch.

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