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m13 with external stomp boxes and into two amps
by horbag on 2013-03-26 11:05:53.6880

i was wondering how to setup the m13 with some external stomp boxes and then into two amps my idea was

guitar>tuner>fulldrive 2 mosfet>ehx micro pog>jim dunlop dvp1 volume pedal input, jim dunlop dvp-1 volume pedal output>m13 input, m13 output> A/B selector pedal input then A>blackstar ht-5 input and B>peavey windsor studio input i have not tried this as yet as i am worried it might mess something up and my dvp-1 hasnt arrived yet lol would this suck tone and make the modulations on the m13 sound crap as they are going into the inputs rather than the effects loops?

i hope this can be understood and someone can help me thanks

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