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Function of Dist, Drive, EQ, Bright Toggles?
by MSir on 2009-07-18 05:14:04.8470

I would like to know what the function of the Dist, Drive, EQ, and Bright toggles is (depending on Amplifier model chosen).

Also, where do I find exlanations of the parameters of the various effects? While I have an idea for some of those, some others are unclear to me (sorry, I am not an old-time professional that used the original stompboxes those are modeled on...).

Many thanks in advance!

-- Martin

Re: Function of Dist, Drive, EQ, Bright Toggles?
by PsicraftTony on 2009-07-18 11:19:02.3070

Hi Martin,

Outside of the PocketPOD manual, here is a link to a similar thread that was made on the old tech support page for Vyzex Pocket POD (and is now archived):

In this thread, malhavok said:

Basically some amps have a "Bright" switch right on them. I'm talking about the real, original, physical amps. The bright switch on your POD is modeled after the bright switch on the original amp. Amps that originally had a bright switch have one in the original POD (and PPOD apparently). Hope that helps! 

and also:

As far as the bright and EQ on the same patch, those are two different things. The "bright" switch matches the function of the bright switch on the original amp. This doesn't have anything to do with the presence control on the amp. The EQ switch though is equivalent to turning the Presence knob up one notch, but you can do it through a footswitch and you can do it on amps that have no bright switch. If you compare the sonic effect of both switches you will hear a difference. Also, remember the EQ switch has no effect if the presence is already on 10! 

The EQ toggle is basically a presence booster, which when used with the Bright toggle can really make your sound cut through a mix. Distortion and Drive are explained fully in the Pocket POD owner's manual.

Re: Function of Dist, Drive, EQ, Bright Toggles?
by MSir on 2009-07-19 14:48:08.3490

Hi Tony,

many thanks for your response, which answered my question. However, the Pocket POD manual does not explain Distortion and Drive. The POD 2.0 manual does though.

-- Martin

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