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High-pitched “squeal” on my Variax 300
by pablo_fitzyg on 2009-07-23 06:53:31.7960


I am getting a high-pitched “squeal” when my Variax 300 is connected to an amp or mixer.

Sounds like a earth problem, tried the power pack and also battery power (seperate times) to no avail.

Can any one recommend a solution?

Anyone had this problem?



Re: High-pitched “squeal” on my Variax 300
by amx05462 on 2009-07-23 15:51:23.6680

check the nut  where the trs cable  plugs into the guitar   it may be coming loose causing a  bad ground

Re: High-pitched “squeal” on my Variax 300
by ChaChing on 2009-07-23 16:10:05.7750


Yes check the cables & connections first. Maybe even different cables should you have some to use. Also check to see if this occurs on all the guitar models or if it is a specific one.

If you get the squeal at all times no matter what, try reinstalling the guitar's flash memory in Line 6 Monkey. You will need either a Variax Workbench interface, a POD xt/X3 or a Vetta amp to do this.

If not, you will need to take this to an authorized service center found here: You have a 1-yr parts & labor warranty so long as you purchased it new from an authorized dealer & have your receipt.



Re: High-pitched “squeal” on my Variax 300
by pablo_fitzyg on 2009-08-17 00:29:53.5040

Thanks for the feedback.

I have finally got round to re-loading the firmware on the Variax 300 and this seem to have fixed the problem.


Re: High-pitched “squeal” on my Variax 300
by AParedes on 2009-08-17 11:41:52.2830

Glad to hear it was resolved!

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