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JM4 with classical/acoustic guitar
by bszkudlarek on 2009-07-25 02:48:49.4350

Dear Jammers,
May I ask anybody for help regarding using JM4 with electro-classical guitar (maybe this problem generally concerns acoustic guitar players...) I'm using my JM4 looper with Takamine TC132SC (electro-classical) which connected directly to acoustic amp produces a very nice and satisfying sound, typical to classic guitar which is the one I would like to use looping. I thought that using JM4 without adding any effects and "spices" would allow me to keep that beatiful nylon sound.  Unfortunately I'm dissapointed a bit, the problem begins when I plug my classicl guitar into JM4. Although amp knob is in "clean" position, the sound is much worse than plugged directly to amp - the deep sound of classical guitar is "cut off" and flat, not to say that its volume is low. Does it mean that when I want to loop with classical (or acoustic) guitar through JM4 I have to compromise with the sound? How can I get the best acoustic sound possible? Can I change it somehow or improve? I tried earlier to loop with DigiTech JamMan and it seemed not to distort acoustic sound so much. I don't believe that it i impossible to set JM4 to be fully satisfied with using with classical/acoustic guitar. Please, help me anybody!
Thanks a lot!

Re: JM4 with classical/acoustic guitar
by joegillespie on 2009-07-26 04:02:35.7500

I use my Spider Jam amp with two acoustic guitars - a Yamaha AX7 and a Regal Resonator fitted with Fishman Cone pickup. I am very happy with the sound I get. I used to have a Yamaha AX5 Nylon strung which I played through an AER Cube, the Spider Jam sounds just as good for a quater of the price. The Spider Jam is the same as a JM4 with a 75 watt amp and full-range speaker system.

For acoustic guitar, I use the AUX input set to Acoustic Pickup 1 or 2 but you could also try Mic Acoustic 1 and 2. The important thing is to get the INPUT LEVEL - AUX to match the output from your guitar. I have mine set at +12dB, which is the max setting so that I can keep the Master Volume as low as possible.

Don't use the GUITAR input, even on CLEAN as that will restrict the frequency response to that of an electric guitar amp.

Re: JM4 with classical/acoustic guitar
by bszkudlarek on 2009-07-28 03:37:26.1780

BIG „thank you”, Joe, for immediate and effective response!

I’ve just tried according to your suggestions and the sound results are really incomparable.

Now I’m really satisfied! The other side of the coin is that connecting guitar to AUX input, I’m robbed by myself of using other effects and amp models.

Is there any simple possibility, according to you, to play "acoustic" (being in AUX input) and occasionally use effects and amps ? Any tricks? J

Thanks again for your (or anybody else) support!


Re: JM4 with classical/acoustic guitar
by joegillespie on 2009-07-28 03:50:21.0810

The effects available on the AUX/MIC channel are confined to reverb, eq and compression. You can adjust these but you can't save the settings because MIC presets are fixed. If you want to use things like echo, chorus etc, they are only available from the GUITAR channel so you have the options of putting up with a restricted frequency response and using an 'electric guitar' amp model or using an external effects unit on the AUX/MIC channel - or if the effects are built into your amp, you could use those. Personally, I only use a little reverb on acoustic guitar and do all my eq from the guitar controls.

Re: JM4 with classical/acoustic guitar
by anthonykenny on 2009-07-30 09:14:47.9430


I love acoustic guitar & I've got some good news for you. I have a Yamaha acoustic CPX900 andI am getting very nice results with it using the looper. I followed the advice from a guy from the old forum for creating & keeping my own acoustic guitar sounds. I've pasted it below for you to read. One of the things I have done, is to start with 'Mic Acoustic Guitar 1' and set all the equaliser settings to 12 o'clock with just a little reverb and no echo. This gives a very natural sound that I tweak using the guitar preamp. I then record it (as is explained in the article below) onto an SD card. from that basic sound that I am happy with, I then experiment with compressor etc. By the way, there is echo in the choices of quitar settings for the acoustic. I use a seperate boss chorus pedal to enhance the sound too. Please read on to know how to record your settings


What I do is work off of one of the Mic/Aux presets (I work from Acoustic Pickup 1) & tweak it to my satisfaction (eq, delay, reverb, comp). (Sounds like you might not have found these settings yet, but you can tweek all these; push your Settings/Tone button until you see a list of options, & spin your dial down till you see 3 lines of options for Mic/Aux settings. Enter them & find your sound). Then, I toggle to Recording, & make a four second recording loop, & save it to a meaningful name. When I want this custom Mic/Aux preset for my acoustic guitar again, all I need to do is select this recording loop.

If you want to use you stomp pedals to navigate through various Mic/Aux, either the standard ones Line 6 provides or customizing your own, make multiple recording loops, save them, & you will be able to navigate through your custom acoustic guitar recordings via your footswitch.

BTW, because I use my acoustic preset recordings in a church venue where I DON'T want an accidental looping of guitar or Song/Drum to sound off, before I make the recording, I make sure the playback levels for Song/Drums, Guitar, and Mic/Aux/CD are all set to 0%. I make sure I don't have any other recording loops in the system having playback levels where I could accidentally set off some unwanted sounds. The SD card is handy in managing what recordings I have on the system from one venue to another. Sometimes I want Drums in my Mic/Aux recording loop, then I dial up the playback settings for the recording. It's all quite versatile.

I hope this helps & keep me posted


Re: JM4 with classical/acoustic guitar
by bszkudlarek on 2009-09-16 03:24:37.6850

Hi Tony,

Thanks a lot for your tips. Sorry I did not reply earlier but I have been offline.

I'm really very happy about what you advised! I got quite nice results following the steps you presented and it seems to be very encouraging. In fact, I can really achieve different acoustic sounds which I was afraid they would not be available for me with JM4. So, the first and for me the most important problem has been solved - I've got pure acoustic sound and I don't have to compromise with it using JM4. At the moment, the minor difficulty for me is to learn how to navigate using stomp pedals to efficiently switch between different "acoustic" recordings I have made and would like to use. If there is any simple tip, I will grateful for it.

Thanks again for your support!


Re: JM4 with classical/acoustic guitar
by anthonykenny on 2009-09-20 04:43:44.3850

Hi Boguslaw,

I was really happy to see your message. As you've probably noticed, there are not a lot of acoustic guitar players on the forum. It's not really surprising as the looper is tailor-made for electric guitarists.I knew this when buying the pedal and am by no means an acoustic fanatic.

You know, on the electric side of the looper you can use the stomp pedal to move between the different sounds in the user bank. However, I don’t think you can do this with the acoustic. It’s the same story for tools like the tap tempo by the way.

What I do, to have a little contrast for effect/s or whatever, is to download an acoustic sound I’ve created from the SD card (reverb with a little delay for example) and clear with the stomp pedal by stepping slowly 2 times on the undo switch. In this way, the effect I’ve downloaded stays as it is but does not loop. I can then play a chord progression and loop it with the downloaded sound intact.

If I want to change to another guitar sound live during a song, I shuffle manually between all the MIC/AUX presets. Once I have chosen one of these presets, I cannot go back to the SD card sound I downloaded beforehand. If I would like to change anything at this point in the process, I still have a few options that I can mix:

Shuffle manually between all the MIC/AUX presets again for another effect

Use an external pedal, which in my case is a chorus pedal

Use the pre-amp on my guitar. On the CPX there is a really versatile pre-amp. Follow this link to view">">

The only thing I personally find frustrating is, when I sing, I have the same mix as with the guitar. This means that if I want to loop with the voice I am limited with the guitar. As a downside, I can live with this as I can connect a microphone directly to an amp if I don’t want to loop vocals.

So, I hope some of this helps & I’d appreciate any insights that you have that can also help me to go forward. I am personally delighted with the looper and have still to experiment with drum rhythms etc. With a little imagination you can go a long way with it.

In the meantime, here are some super acoustic loopers I have discovered on the net…

Kindest regards


And my favourite!!!

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