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THH12 update error
by spiric_ru on 2013-03-27 19:04:07.8030

Updated my XD-V75 reciever from 2.00 to 2.01

Trying to update transmitter to 2.01. But I get "Unable to download uptade file". Then I choose downloaded file manualy but get "Invalid VD-75 update file". It looks like no connection with transmitter, although "loader on" is on transmitter and "loader enabled" is on reciever. Antenna inserted to "B out" and mic is near as it recomended. What's wrong? Thanks

Re: THH12 update error
by dboomer on 2013-03-28 10:28:22.3460

You should not be trying to download a file.  You should just click on the "update selection" button

Re: THH12 update error
by spiric_ru on 2013-03-28 13:34:33.7440

I choose "XD V-75 Handheld" in left list (when Monkey starts) and follow steps (1-2-3-4) then press "OK". But after progress "Preparing XD V-75 reciever" I get error "Unable to download update file. You will be prompted to choose a local file manually...". Then error again.

When Monkey started in line6 devices list I see reciever update and Monkey update optios. There's no transmitter update option anyway.

Re: THH12 update error
by dboomer on 2013-03-28 14:52:47.8040

Sorry for your problem.  I have never experienced that one.  It sounds like an internet/server issue ... like somehow Monkey is not getting a good enough connection from your computer back to our server and then back to you and crashing in the process.

Could you possible try from another computer?  Are you connected to a modem wirelessly?  Maybe there is an issue there.

Manually loading a file would only be an option for in-house engineers to test code.  It is not available to end users (or me )

Re: THH12 update error
by spiric_ru on 2013-03-28 15:53:51.8890

thanks for your answer. I'll try. but I updated reciever (two times for test) withot any problems...

Re: THH12 update error
by RonMarton on 2013-03-28 18:43:40.6560

My "geek" friends tell me that there is a massive "denial of sevice" or "cyber attack" war currently taking place near your region.

While this may or may not be disrupting your online service, this Easter period is always a busy one on the web anyway, so it may be worth waiting until next Tuesday (if you can) before trying again.

Also, try a full reboot of the computer you are using just before you relaunch Monkey. That procedure can do no harm and may clear possible "hang ups".

By the way, congratulations on your excellent avatar ...and have a safe and happy Easter.

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