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Pod Farm, Pod Farm Plug In, Pod Farm Platinum
by zwsh89 on 2009-07-30 02:38:47.1370

Hey all,

I am trying to sort this all out...

#1, is there a difference between the pod farm and the pod farm plug in version?  i see that they have seperate user guides on the line 6 website, yet only one is available for download, and only one is described on the website. I want to use it as a plug in for ProTools, but am not sure how to make that happen.

#2, I am really only interested in getting two more effects.  The whammy pedal, or "Bender" effect, and the Octave fuzz.  Bender doesn't come with any of the expantions, and Ocatve fuzz only comes with power pack, which is a $100 commitment.  To get these, is the best move really to upgrade to platinum, or is there a way I can obtain these effects individually?

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