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Problems conneting Pod HD 400 to my pc
by fbugini on 2013-03-29 05:17:22.2810

Hi guys, i bought a Pod HD 400 a few weeks and i've trying to connecting it to my PC. I have Windows 8 and it detects it (">"> ) but when i open the Monkey program it is not detected. Same case for POD HD400 edit. What should i do??

Re: Problems conneting Pod HD 400 to my pc
by bjnette on 2013-03-29 05:23:29.1900

Check you got the latest drivers from line 6.

Ensure the usb drivers are installed on your PC. Modern ones now have usb 3. If there is another usb connection on the back or front try it especially on a diferent usb hub. Check your cable. swap it.

See if it'll work on a different operating system PC before sending it back whence it came.

I just noticed it is detected on the machine not in monkey or edit. Make sure the version you got is for win8 though I think from memory they are all supported.

Good luck

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