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line 6 edit and workbench at the same time?
by hattrck24 on 2009-08-09 18:06:16.4500

I have a variax 300 electric and pod xt live. 

i was wondering if you can use line 6 edit and workbench programs at the same time.

when i try to do it the workbench program will work but line 6 edit will not open.  it says that it cannot connect to any devices.

is there a way to fix this by turning some settings on or off?

any help would be great as i would like to change some stuff on line 6 edit while using the different guitar bodies and then save them to my pod xt live.


Re: line 6 edit and workbench at the same time?
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2009-08-09 20:09:55.0270

Take a look at this Vettaville page for the solution.

1. Connect your Variax 500/700 to the PODxt Live using the VDI cable, and then connect the XTL's USB port to your computer.

2. Turn on your PODxt Live, and then start Line 6 Edit, it will start as usual.

3. Once EDIT starts, it will connect to the PODxt Live thru the USB connection. You will then need to change this connection. At the top of the Tone Locker menu select CONFIGURE. A devices window will appear showing your PODxt Live, you'll see your PODxt connected through USB.

4. Select the add button. This will allow you to add another device and asks you to select the MIDI In/Out ports the device is connected to. In the drop down menu, you will want to select the Line 6 PODxt Live device for both the MIDI In/Out. Then click add.

5. Now you will see two PODxt Live icons listed in the devices menu. The new PODxt Live icon (at the very bottom) is the one you just added with MIDI connections. You'll need to select this newly added device (it will turn into a dark grey area) then press ok. Now Line 6 Edit will re-configure itself to edit the PODxt Live via MIDI connection/communication through the USB port.

6. Now that you've reconfigured EDIT, when you start Workbench, it will be able to connect to your Variax using the USB port connection (that you just freed up) of your PODxt Live.

That's all there is to it. If you did everything correctly, you'll be able to use both EDIT and Workbench at the same time.



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