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Line 6 Floor Pod Plus
by janneskruger on 2009-08-11 17:50:18.2680

I bought this line 6 product today, i see the the delay has a knob that you can turn on how much delay you want, you can even turn it off, then the led turns off. But the effects tweak knob does not let me turn off the effects, is that normal.

Re: Line 6 Floor Pod Plus
by LoonyBin-Fizzbin on 2009-08-12 05:22:08.0560

Are you asking on how to turn off all the effects at once? Or ?

Bank Up/Down – These footswitches select banks 1-31. To scroll through banks quickly, hold a footswitch down until you get to the bank you want. Press both footswitches together to choose modes as we’re about to describe...

Footswitches A-D – There are two footswitch modes; Channel Memory and On/Off. To toggle between modes press both bank up and down simultaneously.

• Channel Memory Mode: In this mode Bank Up and Bank Down selects a bank while Footswitches A-D select a Channel Memory within that bank. In this mode, the footswitch lights will illuminate Red when the footswitch is pressed.

On/Off Mode: This mode lets you to turn effects or the Amp Model on and off with your feet. Footswitches A-D now turn on and off the Amp Model, Solo boost, FX, and Delay respectively. In this mode, the footswitch lights will illuminate Green to indicate the On state of each function.

On/Off Functions Light – Lights when On/Off mode is active.

Re: Line 6 Floor Pod Plus
by Line6Hugo on 2009-08-13 09:17:43.9750

+1 to Looneybin



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Power on/off unit
by cbult1 on 2010-08-12 01:54:11.6600

Is there a way to power down the floor pod plus?  I'm having to run a seperate surge protector with an on/off switch to power up and power don the unit.  Rather annoying.

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