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Adjusting Volume Between Clean & Insane Channels
by sgaeta on 2013-03-29 12:53:00.1780

Hi - I play mostly through the insane channel but also use the clean channel for ballads, etc. My clean channel is generally much lower in volume - so when I switch from a clean setting to an insane setting, the volume is MUCH louder.

Is the best way to solve this to reduce the volume of the insane settings in the actual preset? I would like to stay away from using the volume pedal on the shortboard if possible.



Re: Adjusting Volume Between Clean & Insane Channels
by mtnman82 on 2013-04-05 17:03:13.5960

Use the channel volume to set balance between channels.  Balance the channels after you have dialed in the tone you want.

Re: Adjusting Volume Between Clean & Insane Channels
by napynap on 2013-04-08 10:50:09.1130

Right, just like mtnman82 says, but once you dial in the channel volume, then save that preset. Go to the next preset and do the same thing until you balance it out. I found it best to put some distance (about 20 ft) between you and the amp as you cycle through your presets to double check the volumes. Also the volume pedal can be disabled per preset to ensure an accidental pedal movement doesn't kill the volume.

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