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New Line 6 Relay G30
by DenZeten on 2009-08-13 06:50:08.6820


I just bought the Relay G30! Very nice system! Finaly a good wireless!

But one question :

I would like to buy another transmitter for my other guitars, so I do not have to unhook my transmitter all the time while changing a guitar during the gigs.

Is it possible?

What wil happen if I accidently forget to switch off one of the transmitters?

Thanks for your help.

Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by Vettaville-nl on 2009-08-13 06:56:40.2030

You can use 6 different channels (or transmitters, each on their own channel) in the same room at the same time. This would enable you to do what you ask..

Kind regards

Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by DenZeten on 2009-08-13 07:14:30.4160

So it's possible to buy just the transmitter TBP06 only (without the receiver).

What will happen if I switch 2 transmitters on the same signal and both turned on?

Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by ChaChing on 2009-08-14 14:22:42.9030


I am looking into the (2) transmitters on the same channel situation...but in the mean time you can see our Relay FAQ here:



Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by dboomer on 2009-08-16 19:44:04.2420

It would probably result in time travel

Sorry ... one at a time (just like everybody else)

Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by mpz_uk on 2009-08-17 09:59:30.5250

Hey, not wanting to hijack this thread, but I've consulted the FAQ and read with interest that I can special-order a spare belt-pack transmitter to go with my G30 system... but after sending my friendly Line6 dealer (Reverb UK) on a quote-finding mission, have been told that a guy called Phil at L6 UK sales a) hadn't heard of the G30, b) didn't know what a TBP06 was, and c) was adamant that after finding out the answers to a & b, the transmitter packs didn't have a separate product code and couldn't be bought on their own.. except maybe in America! (I didn't think the thing was even on sale in America...)

Not much of a result there, then! Any help or insights gratefully received =)



Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by dboomer on 2009-08-17 12:02:55.9630

Hey Ed

You will definately be able to buy all the spare transmitters OR receivers you want.  They have been delayed a few months however.  They will be available as a regular catalog item ... no need to special order.

TBP06 = Tx

RXS06 = Rx

I don't know the exact price ... but if you bought them both it would add to just a bit more than the system price.

Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by mpz_uk on 2009-08-17 23:18:27.6640

Thanks for that info.. I guess I'll quit being impatient and concentrate on not breaking the one I have while I wait!!



Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by DenZeten on 2009-08-25 07:30:42.5560

Well, now I've been able to test the Relay G30 on stage!

I'm very exited about the finishing sparkle! The sound of the G30 is even better than my cables!

There's one downside, maybe anyone can help me with that...if I switch on the wah-wah, I'm gettting

lots of interference (brrrrr-sound) in my speakers.


Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by dboomer on 2009-08-25 09:19:21.7840

Hard to diagnose across the internet.

What's the order of your hookup?

You should try wrapping your connecting pedals around those little ferite cores you find at radio shack.  You commonly see them as little lumps on computer video and power cables.  Let me know if that fixes it.

Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by DenZeten on 2009-08-25 23:26:29.2410

Well, all my effects (Roland GP16) are connected to my effectsloop except for the wah-wah. I do that because the dept and hight of my wah is not the same as if I directly connect it to my guitar. It just sounds 10 times better if I go strait from my amp to the wah and then to the guitar.

Thanks for the tip, I'll try to use those ferite cores and let you know how it goes!

Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by dboomer on 2009-08-26 08:05:12.5830

So it goes without saying that you switched on the cable tone switch ... right?

Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by DenZeten on 2009-08-26 23:28:26.0720

Yes, the cable switch position is : OFF

If it changes when I switch it...don't know. I will try that.

My thought about that switch is : switch it to OFF for the most clear sound.

Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by dboomer on 2009-08-27 13:17:25.7190

That is the most clear ... however a guitar cable is not this clear so if you expect the performance you got with a cable then you should switch in the cable tone switch.

It's possible with your newly achieved "clarity" you are simply now hearing gak that has been in your signal chain all along but have never been able to hear before.

Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by Tiger789 on 2009-08-29 03:24:35.0410


This should normally be a very simple matter to sort out. There is no reason why the wah pedal should sound or behave any different when using the G30 in front of the wah instead of a cable before the wah. Except from the "no-loss" treble thing. Most guitarists worldwide (incl. me) are only using certain types of pedals/effects (in a spesific order) in front of the amp while other effects again are hooked up in a spesific order to the amps effectloop. Although there are no written laws/rules when it comes to how pedals/effects should be organized, I have seen over the years (I have played guitar for 31 years and I am also a classically trained pianist) that most guitarists have pretty much the same understanding of how these should be set up. I am not an American but from what I understand here your set up is very simple: Guitar - G30 - wah - amp (input front) and then the effectboard are hooked up to the effectloop. If so, this is the correct way and how it should be used.

Keep in mind that wah pedals in special (due to their internal components) are much more sensitive and likely to produce unwanted noise/hum if they are placed near power adapters who again creates a "magnetic field" around them. Although the magnetic field is quite "weak" and doesn't effect other pedals again to the same extent. That's why many guitarists incl. me are using the popular American Voodoo Lab pedal power 2+ which gives 8 separate 100 % isolated 9v DC outputs which eliminates ground loops and noise that could occur if normal single adapters had been used for each pedal instead. If that wasn't enough, It also has a built in toroidal transformer that eliminates the magnetic field and the final result is up to 8 dead silent pedals/effects.

In your case, my personal guess is that you are experiencing a ground loop. Just for testing, given that your setup is like described above and your wah is working normally when using a cable and if the wah is powered by an adapter, I would suggest that you try a battery instead and see if that solves the situation. If it does, you should then check how your adapter is powered. Your entire setup should be powered from the same "source" and not several different 120v circuits. You should also try to simply "relocate" the wah from the rest of your gear and see what happens. If possible, try another wah if you have access to one to see if the same situation occurs. Your wah could be extra sensitive to the magnetic field from power cables and the adapter that goes with the wah could also be of poor quality. Other obvious things is to make sure that you are using high quality shielded cables (not longer than needed) and keep all power cables and adapters separated and away from these.

Again, this is very easy to fix and one of the steps above should normally do the trick.

Best regards,


Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by mpz_uk on 2009-08-29 04:47:39.4090

I got to test my G30 on stage for the first time last night, and am pleased to report it worked very well - I'm primarily a bassist and it handled 4 string passive and 5 string active basses just as well as my usual 'monster bass' and 'van damme classic' cables, with no appreciable loss on the low B (well, Bb in my case) or anything else for that matter.

As far as the buzzing goes, I had a bit of an issue during sound-check in that the first cable I chose to go between the belt pack and the bass didn't seem to 'click' into the pack properly even though it looked like it had, and whilst I was getting the sound of the instrument clearly, I was also getting an electrical hummmmmm... Solved the problem by just using a patch with a different style jack plug! I guess the grounding of your guitar and pedals is a more likely cause, but thought I'd throw my experiences in, just in case they're any use to anybody!

Re: New Line 6 Relay G30
by dboomer on 2009-08-30 16:09:43.0890

I'm glad you like it.  X2 players in North America have known this for years and now so will the rest of the world.

The G30 is FLAT down to 10Hz so you won't lose any low frequencies ... a bass player's dream!

The G30 unit is incapable of picking up anything other than what you send down the input cable.  That said the input cable is unbalanced so it is possible to pick up interference in the cable or from an instrument.  Since the frequency response with the G30 is BETTER than was possible with a guitar cable you may be finally hearing things in your signal that have been present all along but have gone unnoticed.  Activating the cable tone switch should take care of these problems.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.