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Bug in HD Edit for Desktop/Bean - setlists reset DEP's to 50%
by meambobbo on 2013-04-05 21:31:10.2880

I am trying to make setlists for the Pod HD Desktop/Bean.  I only have a 500.  I convert the inputs to valid choices for HD Desktop (no Variax, etc), remove any FX Loop blocks, and save my patches, then change the extension to .hbe.  That works fine and I can load HD Edit Desktop/Bean.  However, once I have them loaded in Edit, if I try to save them all as a setlist, it saves the setlist with every patch's DEP's for both amps and cabs at 50%.

As a workaround, I've found that if I simply save the setlist as a .h5s file in HD Edit 500, then change the extension .hbs, I can load this setlist in HD Edit Desktop/Bean, and the DEP's retain their value.

So, there seems to be some kind of bug in HD Edit Desktop/Bean dealing with saving setlists.  Maybe we can get a fix 8-)

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