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HD 300 and studio monitors
by MadYarpen on 2013-04-06 05:05:52.2130

Hi guys,

I have decided to sell my tube amplifier and play only on POD at my apartment. Therefore I decided to buy some studio monitors - my question are:

am I correct that I need 2 XLR male-female cables for 2 monitors and

What is this switch for balanced output - GND/LIFT? I haven't seen it explained anywhere.


Re: HD 300 and studio monitors
by silverhead on 2013-04-06 06:40:19.8220

The cables you use may depend on your monitors. You can use either the XLR or 1/4" Outputs on the HD300. The monitors you choose may accept both types of inputs. The more important factor is that you should set your HD300 to STUDIO output mode.

The GND/LIFT switch is used in situations where there may be an electrical grounding issue in your power setup. The switch can remove the noise/hiss.

Re: HD 300 and studio monitors
by MadYarpen on 2013-04-06 10:09:31.0470

Thank you!

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