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James Tyler JTV-69
by mgarrido on 2013-04-06 07:17:23.5310

I was wondering if we are ever going to hear an acoustic nylon string model for the JTV's.  I heard one on a Fender VG strat.  It sounds ok but I think Line 6 can do a better sounding model than that.

Re: James Tyler JTV-69
by DrFunk on 2013-04-06 07:41:37.5330

We had Nylon guitar from Line 6 on the Variax 700 Acoustic. It was pretty good. So. clearly Line 6 knows how to do that, and have already done it. But your guess is as good as mine if they will offer it again. If you are into samples, the EMU nylon guitar samples are teriffic. I used to play them thru midi that I used with the Roland VG88.

Re: James Tyler JTV-69
by mgarrido on 2013-04-06 07:50:22.9450

Wow never heard of that. I guess emu is a keyboard huh!. through midi.

Re: James Tyler JTV-69
by DrFunk on 2013-04-06 21:35:50.5220

Emu made samplers/keyboards. Recently they have packaged all their software to be used by computer (software samplers). Anyway, if you have a guitar that triggers midi signals (say a Roland Hex PU into one of the VG units- you can trigger really any midi keyboard or sampler). This way you could conceivably get the sound of any instrument on earth (including nylon guitars) from the comfort of your favorite electric guitar.

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