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global input and pick-up settings
by ramblin390 on 2013-04-06 10:30:15.5110

I have the hd500, every preset defaults to guitar+variax+aux  on the guitar input a and sets the pickup to 1M. I dont want to go through every preset to change and save. Is there a way to globally change in to guitar and 250 K.?

Re: global input and pick-up settings
by meambobbo on 2013-04-06 13:47:40.8760

yeah, there's an option for global/preset.  This is in the system menu on the device itself or the Edit software, right next to the input and impedance settings.  Also, jZab has a program where you can batch update a bunch of patches to the same input settings as well as other things.  just google jzab pod hd.

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