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JTV89F Battery problem
by dchernov551 on 2013-04-08 03:13:04.6250

Hello in there!

So happy that things seem to be back to normal now and we can post again!

Here is my situation:

I ran out of battery with my JTV89F and the battery indicator had one green light blinking. So I put it for charging overnight and as I got up, the charger device was blinking with the red light which means that the battery is fully charged. I have inserted the battery in guitar, but nothing happened. Not even the four green dots light up when I press the little button. I have tried re-inserting the battery and checking if it sits correctly in it's slot, but still no luck. I think that if something was wrong with the battery, then the charger would not say that it is fully charged. Not sure what to do now. Since I do not have the XPS-Mini, XPS or POD HD at hand, is there any way to check if guitar is alright? Maybe someone has already faced such problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

-- Denis

Re: JTV89F Battery problem
by Inerzia on 2013-04-08 05:04:29.6190

Hi Denis,
I'd recheck battery placement. I know you did that already, but sometimes I've found myself trying two, three times before the battery actually sits in place.

Re: JTV89F Battery problem
by davidb7170 on 2013-04-08 15:12:41.3140

Denis --

I don't know your situation, but have you charged the battery before? I assume you have, if you don't have the other power options like the XPS-mini or the HD500... You probably had to charge it up when you first got it, and did your firmware updates with the usb interface...

My first JTV came with a battery charger that did not operate -- at first I thought I had a bad battery, but it turned out to be the charger. When I plugged in the charger, it's indicator LED started blinking slowly, but constanly -- even without the battery in the cradle, and did not stop blinking all the while the battery was supposedly charging. I left it in over night, but it gained no charge, and did not increase the number of green lights in the guitar. I contacted L6 with an issue ticket and they sent me a new charger that was fine.

Make sure your battery is properly seated in the charger and the light should be steady, then not blink until the battery is charged... I think that's how it is, but I can't put my hands on the instruction card that came with the charger right now. The blinking my first one was doing did not match the timing of what it said on the instruction card -- the "manual" that it came with. supposedly the rate mine was blinking was indicating a problem. There is no fixing the charger, they should replace it if it's still in warranty (I think you got your 89 pretty recently). And I second Inerzia's comment on the placement in the guitar, but I'd guess if you didn't get it seated properly in the guitar, you'd just get NO green lights at all.

Open an issue ticket with L6. I know you're in Europe, so will have to deal with their people over there....

For me, it was not a show stopper as I powered mine with my X3L pedal, and now the HD500, but I keep a charged battery in my guitar case, in case I have to use the guitar with 1/4" jack instead of the VDI cable and my HD500...


Re: JTV89F Battery problem
by dchernov551 on 2013-04-09 05:30:58.6360

Dear Inerzia,

Thank you so much for the answer and helping out! Guitar is fixed now and I also suspected that there is a trouble with the battery placement. I have tried several times to get it seated properly, but still felt that the trouble is related to the contacts and the actual little pins of the battery compartment that go into the battery. After some thinking and taking the warranty into consideration, I decided to bring it to the service center of the place where I bought it. At first, a test via POD HD was made to make sure that everything is working properly. Then another battery was tested, but the result was the same. As I suspected, one of the contact pins was sort of "drowned" in the battery compartment and the guy had to pull it out and fix the little plate underneath the pin, as he told me. When it was done, everything worked out! Not sure what has caused one of the pins to "drown" a little as I was doing my best in being accurate. But what matters is that it works again! Thank you so much for your help and for pointing me out in the right direction!

Take a good care!

-- Denis 

Re: JTV89F Battery problem
by dchernov551 on 2013-04-09 06:09:30.8780

Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for your message and giving me lots of helpful hints that will help me to be safe and more educated in the future.

As you might have already read above, the problem was with one of the the contact pins of the battery compartment that kind of "drowned" because the plate that is supporting it was not sitting properly. It took about 15 minutes to get everything fixed, but now all works great and I am glad that the problem has been resolved and that it wasn't something more serious.

Yes, I had the battery charged overnight and the charger seemed to work well because it had the constant red light while the battery was charging and it had the blinking red light when it was fully charged in the morning. It was during recording session that the sound suddenly disappeared and when I checked the battery, it had one green blinking light. So I put it for charging. When it was already charged, I put the battery back into the battery compartment, but there was no sound and no reaction from the knobs. When I was clicking the battery check button, it gave no sign of life as well. It made me think that it is either the battery is not functioning or there is no contact somewhere. I've tried to pull out the battery and get it seated for the few times, but it wasn't helping. After closer inspection of the battery compartment, I noticed that one of the pins looks kind of "drowned". Sounded like a minor problem, but I decided to bring my guitar to the service center and get in fixed there, just in case something else is malfunctioning. Also they would check it via POD HD to see if it works. Luckily, all resolved in about 15 minutes and the fabuluous guitar is back home again!

Thank you so much for telling me about your experience with the charger and for also pointing me in the right direction, just as Inerzia did! I visited the support center and could tell them right away what I think the problem is.

If I didn't have my multi-effects processor from another brand, I would think of POD HD500, but the fact that I have to use the battery is also not a show stopper for me and the battery life has been great so far. Since I am not playing live at the moment, guitar is only used at home and even when I forget about the charge, I still can charge it to finish the recording. This guitar is truly fabulous and I love it so much!

Thank you again for all of your help! I do not know what would I do without you, guys! To be honest, I nearly went crazy when guitar did not power up and there was no sign of life from the battery checker. I am so glad it all works now! Here it is:

-- Denis IMG_2215 r.JPG

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