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Direct to PA Presets?
by dbagchee on 2013-04-09 18:20:57.4440

I'm still trying to dial in some good direct to PA presets that can cut through with the band. I really wish Custom Tone had better search options. Anyone have a favorite preset they'd like to share? My band is mostly hard rock/metal type tones.

Re: Direct to PA Presets?
by medbad5150 on 2013-04-10 08:52:53.3290

Mate, no disrespect but I have downloaded some great tones, and some that I didn't like. I presume that you have searched Artist name, Song name, style eg metal, funk etc. Which ones have you downloaded?

The best way is to use it as a search engine and see what comes up. Hopefully someone else can chip in. But I use it a search eg Queen, Brian May, Metallica etc etc. Good luck mate.

I know what you mean though, cos I asked similar question months ago. Btw you have to expand the search box too.

Re: Direct to PA Presets?
by dbagchee on 2013-04-10 15:04:03.3590

I hear ya man. Yeah I've mostly downloaded meambobbo's presets. I did a search for "live" and "pa" and got a couple tones that I will check out but 99% of what is shared is intended for direct recording or jamming at home vs a live band situation. Not really looking for any particular song tone, just a good example of either the dual rec, bogner, engl or soldano that others have run through the PA with their band and have been happy with.

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