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New JTV89-F firmware 1.9 comments
by nevla on 2013-04-10 01:26:24.0030

Hi there,

  After hanging out in here for a while (and speaking to dchernov551) I finally ordered, and picked up, my new shiny black JTV89F

I wanted to mention some issues i had with it, in case other experience the same - but don't panic, its all ok now!

I got the guitar out of its packaging fine, charged the battery, etc. Was a little unhappy about the gig bag (for a >£1000 instrument i'd have expected something better) but just swapped it to a Hiscox case i was using for an ESP MH301.

Had a play around with the guitar, was pretty much in tune already! The trem was way better than i expected. I've owned everything from the cheapest floyd knock-off you can think of, right up to the Ibanez Edge-Pro and i'll be honest - the Graphtech bridge is towards the top end of the scale for sure! Changing strings is tricky, as i prefer the low-profile type floyds because its easier to wedge a rag under the bridge so you can take all strings off at once, but anyway i digress...

I got it all hooked up to my computer, loaded the Monkey and downloaded all the drivers.

It was showing up as all up to date on the guitar itself, firmware 1.9.

I then plugged it into the HD500 and that was all good too - and in the Monkey you can see both.

However - here i found the problem. The Custom1 bank, that is loaded with the "high gain" models, wouldnt work properly. I think sometimes they would be silent, and the biggest problem was that the volume knob just didn't work intermittently on that setting. I can't recall exactly, as i was panicing, but i think that the volume even went a little odd on the mags too.

Anyway - as i said, i freaked out a little. After a nice cup of tea (you Americans really should give up coffe and drink proper tea you know) i decided i'd re-flash the firmware.

First attempt failed - the learning here is to NOT UPDATE FIRMWARE THROUGH THE HD500 CONNECTION.

After rigging it all up with the usb interface i tried again, and this too didnt work.

More panic should have been evident at this stage, but i kept calm and simply tried again.

Slightly worred that during the whole process you could hear clicking noises from INSIDE the guitar. I guess the hamster/pixie/demon inside that powers the electronics was getting angry.

Anyway, this time success!!!! The guitar is up and running at full strength and with all settings ok.

So - the moral of the story is to only update the JTV over the usb interface, and if at first you dont succeed - DONT PANIC, but try again

Re: New JTV89-F firmware 1.9 comments
by dchernov551 on 2013-04-10 09:50:48.1210

Good day to you, my friend!

At first, I would like to congratulate you with your new purchase and compliment you on your amazing stamina and knowing how to keep things calm, even when something goes wrong! My recent events with the battery compartment and guitar's not powering actually left me in cold sweat and scared. Happily, all is back to normal again and I am glad that everything is fine for you too!

I feel honoured if I could help you make your decision on getting your new shiny black JTV89F and if I could offer you some help here. Now we are true brothers in arms (or should I, perhaps, say "brothers in axes"?)! So glad that you have the guitar now and thank you again for sharing your experiences here. I do not have the POD HD 500, but if I shall ever get it one day, I shall remember not to update the firmware via it's power. I did not try the actual update yet since it had all the latest and everything seemed fine so far. However, I should note that it is always better and much safer to avoid using USB hubs or the USB slots which may not have enough power. It is probably a known fact and is mentioned in the online instructions, but still thought that I'd mention it here.

I'm happy to hear that you find the tremolo to be way better than what you expected it to be! I was a bit concerned during my recommendations about it since I only had the cheapest Floyd Rose and the experience was not so good. However, when I received my JTV89F, I could clearly felt that quality is good and I opened the world of certain guitar tricks once again. And I love how guitar stays in tune after the tremolo acrobatics.

Good recommendation with the cup of tea - it always helps me greatly and surely works as a way to prevent the panic and calm down.

Thank you again for your message and I am sure that you will make lots of amazing new music (been listening to your tracks lately)! Stay safe and shine on! (The picture of my JTV89F is in the battery problem thread).

-- Denis

Re: New JTV89-F firmware 1.9 comments
by davidb7170 on 2013-04-10 19:41:07.4310

Just a quick note. I have never updated either of my 2 JTV's with the JTV USB interface, but only with the pedals -- at first my X3L, now my HD500. Never had show-stopping problems. I did have to flash my JTV-69S twice with 1.9 for it to "take", but my 59 took the first time via the pedal. Sometimes you can run into USB communications issues that are not necessarily the pedal's or other devices' fault. It can happen with any USB device, including external hard drives, MIDI interfaces, and the JTV USB interface.... Denis did hit it right with hints not to use any hubs in the path, as they do provide potential problems.

Enjoy your new guitar -- I love mine!


Re: New JTV89-F firmware 1.9 comments
by nevla on 2013-04-11 01:30:23.7800

Interesting that you managed it thorugh the HD500. I just wonder if that is acting like a hub in the chain? Either way, if it works i'm not going to question it!

I remember updating my iphone for the first time and it bricked, took hours to ressurect! Technology eh?

One off-topic question i had on the Graphtech Floyd, and this may seem like a very silly question - but is the height adjustment just the same as a normal floyd? In my 10+ years of owning Floyds i've always had the trem posts be Hex-headed screws, but the graphtech is a flat-head? Obviously there isn't any locking screw inside (like some old Ibanez's had) but is it literally just a case of turning it with the right screwdriver just like you would on a normal floyd?

I'm a little embarressed to ask such a simple question, but seeing a flat-head screw on a floyd really threw me.

Re: New JTV89-F firmware 1.9 comments
by Leftzilla on 2013-04-12 09:08:27.8120

I know what you mean.  I just received my 89F and in the past had a very nice Kramer with a Floyd but with the Hex bolts.  Same beast different interface.  I adjusted my lower strings up because it was just a tad to buzzy for my playing style rightout of the box.  Worked flawlessly.  I also commented to my keybaord player how the hardwar has stayed pretty much the same between my 88 Pacer Custom and the 89F.

I personally have had no problems with updating flash via the HD500 on my 59 but I didn't need to do it with the 89F.  But hey whatever works and you feel comfortable with march on.

Re: New JTV89-F firmware 1.9 comments
by rchibnik on 2013-04-13 08:42:48.9940

+1 - Always updated my JTV using the HD500

I seem to recall updating my DT25 firmware through the HD500 but I must be misremembering. Last update to DT25 had to purchase a USB/MIDI interface cable. Tried to go the cheapie, no-name, eBay route which didnt work, and finally settled on a proper $40 cable that everyone here said would work.

I really enjoy my JTV/HD500/DT25 and feel like I'm barely scratching the surface of what it has to offer.

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