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M13 Firmware update error
by mic-18 on 2013-04-10 10:36:32.2070


Less then one year ago I updated my M13 (to 2.04). Today I did this again (don,t ask why ) on same iMac and same interface but SysEx can't finish downloading. Is there any problem to reupdate the same version? My record is about 20% downloading before error. Last time I did it without any problems.

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Re: M13 Firmware update error
by mic-18 on 2013-04-10 13:01:20.6340


I used only ONE MIDI-CABLE!!! From "out" of interface to "in" of M13. Please, publish correct instructoin.

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Re: M13 Firmware update error
by TheRealZap on 2013-04-10 14:03:45.1500

That's not the technically correct way to do it... but it often works.

the correct way is in the official update document which involves configuring your sysex program to more or less use one way communication.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.