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Pod hd500 problem - Patches die
by Alsklaftsk123 on 2013-04-10 22:19:00.4660

Hi. I have had a problem with my pod hd500 (happens in every setting in every user. Have tried restoring the pod). The problem is that when im am on the patch, the pod suddendly sends out a loud noise (feedback) like, and then its no sound coming from the pod. I can easily get the sound back by, switching patch and going back to the original patch, but still, this it very annoying. I hppens like every month. My guitar dosent need to have the volume up, it just happes at random. Its not that often, but its still very frightening to play live because of that. Any tips?

Re: Pod hd500 problem - Patches die
by silverhead on 2013-04-11 07:45:27.1120

That reminds me of an issue some time ago involving 'invalid data' in certain patches - essentially corrupt presets. It was solved with a firmware update, but since that time there have been occasional reports of old presets (created before the firmware update) that somehow get by the new 'corrupt preset' gatekeeper and can still create this problem. This is likely to occur in situations where the newer firmware updates were installed using the 'Keep Existing Presets' option. In those cases, although the corrupt preset prevention firmware is installed, the corrupt presets themselves have remained in the device.

The best way to determine whether any of your existing presets is corrupt is to:

- use HD500 Edit to backup all your custom presets/setlists to your computer

- (re)install the latest HD500 firmware and choose the 'Replace Existing Presets' option. This will overwrite any corrupt presets in the device.

- use HD500 Edit again to restore desired presets/setlists. If any corrupt presets are encountered the new firmware should detect them and prevent them from loading.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.