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Used Variax 700 v new JTV?
by windhover on 2013-04-10 22:36:44.5310

Hi all,

A question for those of you with experience of both the Variax 700 and the JTVs.

I'm contemplating putting in a bid on ebay for a 700, possibly could get it for around AUS$650. I had a 700 a few years ago and really quite liked it ( can't remember why i decided to sell it now, think it may have been spouse pressure!) Is the modelling on the JTV significantly better than the original variax? I notice the modelled guitars are pretty much the same but I'm wondering if L6 have "HD'd" them like the PODs.

I appreciate that the JTV has the benefit of being a "real" analogue guitar as well but I'm wondering whether I might save myself a few bucks if the modelling is much the same...

Also, I like the fact that the 700 has the A/B box for sending the acoustic models out to PA ( or another amp ) but I'm assuming you couldn't have the guitar set up this way and also use the VDI link to a POD HD500? Has anyone got around this?

Any responses much appreciated,



Re: Used Variax 700 v new JTV?
by TheRealZap on 2013-04-11 06:25:43.0430

modeling is the same for the electrics...

but the JTV's have HD upgraded acoustics...

and they've announced an HD upgrade to the electrics...

so ultimately the JTV's will be different and supposedly improved (subjective)

Re: Used Variax 700 v new JTV?
by sparkyERTW on 2013-04-11 08:50:12.4940

The HD acoustics are definitely better in my opinion; others may argue that, but I like them better. It'll be interesting to see how much of a difference it'll be on the electrics.

Also consider some other benefits of the JTVs, such as the tuning wheel and virtual capo. If you don't make any real use of alternate tunings, maybe not much of a draw, but I love being able to flip to an open tuning for slide work on the fly or drop to a baritone for some spaghetti-western vibe or simply to play in a different range than the other guitarist(s) I'm playing with. The rechargeable battery was also a huge draw for me; I do have an HD500, but there's plenty of time I bring the JTV to jams and such and it's nice to not have to remember the XPS box or chew threw 6 AAs. And unlike a large contingent on here, I love the neck on my JTV-69 (though I do have a love for chunky necks and didn't have the high-E string slippage problem that some did).

You could set up patches in the HD500 that route the signal one way for electrics and one way for acoustics (i.e. pan the signal 100% left on electric patches and 100% right on acoustic patches). Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this.

Re: Used Variax 700 v new JTV?
by phil_m on 2013-04-11 09:28:26.0500

My vote would be for the JTV. One of the biggest improvements that I notice with the JTV is the absence of the piezo "plinkiness" that sometimes was noticeable with the original Variaxes. Whatever Line 6 did to improve that, I think it's a huge improvement. I also think from a pure economic perspective, a guitar like a Variax is something I'd like to get new just so I knew I have the warranty should anything arise.

Re: Used Variax 700 v new JTV?
by Leftzilla on 2013-04-12 08:59:03.0960

I would have to say that the JTV line has improved sound over the 700.  Whether its because of the newer processing schemes and updated hardware in modling chip in the JTV or the simple fact of the guitar's design.  I bought a JTV59 ahile ago and used my 700 as an onstage backup and there was a subtle but noticeable difference between the two that my band picked up on.

In my opinion the "guitarness" of the JTV seems to come through more.  Also you do have the detune on the fly options and the pickups themselves.  I just received my 89F yesterday and noticed difference in sound between it and the 59.  However that may be due to string age.

Re: Used Variax 700 v new JTV?
by windhover on 2013-04-13 21:24:14.1490

Thanks for the replies. I think that settles it then. I will pull the trigger on a JTV59 this week if I can find one ( having some issues with the wholesaler here in Oz apparently)

Re: Used Variax 700 v new JTV?
by newidentity on 2013-04-14 02:03:59.5580

Never used a 700, but can't recommend the JTV59 enough. Its one of the best purchases I've made in 20 years of suffering from a severe music technology purchasing disorder. Enjoy.

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