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black box syndrome
by musicman39507 on 2013-04-12 13:52:03.1100

Anyone interested in talking abou$the black box syndrome which plagues line 6 amplifiers? Because line 6 surely doesn't seem very eager to talk about this.Everyone who post questions pertaining to this get the same generic responce "take it to an authorized repair facillity", but they don't tell you it will cost you to have an authorized shop just to take a look at it, whether or not you have it repaired. Most of the representitives who answer these posts say that it could mean any of a number of failures in the amp, but a couple have slipped up and said that the black boxes are a code to the failure. I would tend to beleive that the black boxes are a code to exactly what the problem is. Let tell you why I don't think things are adding up with this issue. My amp will not come up, all it has is the 8 black boxes in the display. So I took it to an "authorized repair facillity" they charged me $40 just to diagnose it. They said that the mainboard was blown and they wanted close to $200 to repair it. So I opted not to have them repair it, instead I tracked down a mainboard online and replaced it myself, the amp still won't come on and still has the 8 black boxes in the display. I think there was a defect built into these amps and line 6 is fully aware of this and there should have been a recall on these amps and had them serviced, instead they would rather we pay to have them repaired at our cost. Looking forward to seeing how many responde to this post, and get your input.

Re: black box syndrome
by TheRealZap on 2013-04-12 13:59:46.0880

the service centers are independent, and they set there prices... line6 provides parts to them...

so there is no conspiracy theory...

and yes... like all electronics they want you to go to someone qualified to work on them....

most electronics aren't user level fixable...

thats not to say there are not more capabale users and less capable users...

nothing last forever, but it clearly outlasted the warranty which is all they guaranteed it to do (or any manufacturer ever guarantees)

Re: black box syndrome
by musicman39507 on 2013-04-12 14:58:13.2270

Ok lets asume line 6 is just as innocent as milk and honey here. Why is it that a few of the reps stated that the black boxes are a code fort the failure, why can we not be told what the failure is. Apparently line 6 customers are smart enough to earn money to buy thier merchandise, why are we too ignorant to be able to be told exactly what the failure is? And why when I brought my amp to an "authorized repair facillity" and had to give them $40 just to diagnose it they told me the mainboard was blown, so I changed my mainboard and still have the 8 black boxes? Please explain to me why was it that I took my amp to an "authorized repair facillity"?

Re: black box syndrome
by TheRealZap on 2013-04-13 19:48:12.1980

you just need to call the line6 support number and ask...

there are lots of boot modes, tricks, and diagnostic type things they don't publicly advertise.... but they are usually happy enough to tell you if you ask.

and generally... the stuff that is known is usually known because someone called and got the info and then came back here to share it.

whining about it to other users won't provide you with any answers...

Re: black box syndrome
by musicman39507 on 2013-04-14 16:55:12.5390

                                      Exactly how would you have anyway of knowing whether or not I have already called Line 6 directly? You must have some way of knowing that or else you wouldn't presume that I hadn't. Or are you just assuming that someone who whins wouldn't have the intellegence to figure for themselves they should contact the company of a product they are having a problem with. Well I know just how far a phone call got me when I called them. That was about 3 days before I took it to their "authorized service center". Oh I guess your next presumtion is that I must have conducted myself like a "whinny baby" during this phone call and that's why they wouldn't provide me with any information when I made a second call to them after I replaced the mainboard, which their "authorized service center" said the problem was. Either way I see it you'll find a way that I'm the problem and that Line 6 is not. You are more than welcome to give them a call yourself and see what information they'll give you, beyond holding the A button while powering up, or holding the D button while powering up.

                                 But you have raised a very interesting point.  You stated that they have a lot of boot modes tricks, and diagnostic type things that they don't publicly advertise. Why? Why don't they publicly advertise things that would be helpful to their customers? And why after 2 calls to them they havn't provided me with this top secret knowledge? And how is it that you know about these boot modes and tricks which aren't publicly advertised? And answer me honestly have you not seen other customers with the exact same problem?

                               I was under the assumption that this forum existed for Line 6 users or customers to discuss anything concerng the Line 6 line of products? I didn't notice anything stating or limiting what should or should not be discussed? If I overlooked anything stating that I must appologize for "whinning" and would appreciate you directing me to where that is stated.

                              I bought my first amp in 1979 a Peavey renown. I owned nothing but Peavey untill my last amp was damaged during hurricane katrina. That was when I bought my Line 6 amp. I would hope that you not think that since 1979 I never had any trouble with my amps. Beleive me I had plenty of trouble. But what the difference is here is that Peavey always made as much information available to me as I needed to get my amps up and running. They had no problem with making information on their products available to the public. Oh I assume your responce to this is "you should have bought a Peavey", well I didn't I bought a line 6 and I'm having a serious issue with it so I guess I just have to "whine". 

Re: black box syndrome
by TheRealZap on 2013-04-14 17:20:47.8770

i'm not assuming anything... i'm telling you... they are the only ones that would have an answer for you... they or may not tell you anything... but no random user of the amp is going to know this.

even windows or even macs have shortcuts to do things... get a grip dude...

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