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Dream rig, 1 month post purchase...
by newidentity on 2013-04-13 12:11:50.7270

Just thought I'd post to say how thouroughly impressed I am at the line 6 dream rig.

Saved up for this purchase over a couple of years, and read all the ups and downs, so had some apprehensions before buying.

1 month on, no glitches, hiccups, beefs or gripes. Plain sailing all the way.

i) The JTV 59 is a real joy to play. This is the first LP style guitar I've owned. I've been strats all the way up until now, as LP necks just didn't do it for me. I can't seem to put the 59 down though. So comfortable, nice build quality (a US model would be nice for that extra finish quality, but the Korean is still a lovely chunk of wood, and very pretty to look at).

I had ideas of swapping out the magnetic pickups for some bareknuckles after purchasing, but that plan is now ditched. The mags sound great, especially the rhythm / middle positions. I have to keep reminding myself to try out the modelled settings as I get so absorbed playing through the mags.

ii) The acoustic, reso, semi, jazz,and R-Billy models are all impressive also. They fit nicely into tracks recorded into my DAW, and are highly usable. Definitely not cheap or gimmicky sounding. As for the strats, well they were always going to lose out to my real strat, but they still do a job, as is the case for other models. Looking forward to the 2.0 update to see whats in store.

iii) I'm struggling to fully describe how impressed I am with the DT25 head / cab, linked up to a pod HD pro. This combo is %&$£ing superb. Rich, warm vintage goodness for your fender twins / soldanos / voxes etc, then one footswitch click and your playing through a modern high gain monster that is stripping paint off the walls (I prefer the former to the latter taste wise, but both are done with admirable style). I'd listened to all the online vids etc, but having one of these in front of you is a real treat. I'd also read one or two people online saying that this set up doesn't cut it versus other valve amp rigs. Sorry, but I have to call BS on that. Everyone has different tastes, but if you can't enjoy the tones you get from this set up, then I really can't understand what floats your boat. From Page to Frusciante, to Aurbach to Satch to Slash to Townsend to, ah, you get the picture, this rig just keeps you smiling all day long (literally, I find my self grinning like an idiot while I play it sounds so good... ) I should say I'm running the amp through a rivera rock crusher, with the DT25 master set at about 12 o clock to push the valves a bit more.

A sincere and heartfelt 10/10 to Line 6 for this rig. I'm absolutely delighted with it, and have no doubt it will keep me entertained for years. Don't normally do reviews, but had to leave some feedback due to being one very happy customer.

Only suggestions for improvement:

Include a hard case for a £1000 guitar, or at least make the US hard case available for us to buy. Something tweedy would be nice.

Add a rhythm / treble washer to the 59 toggle switch for the final touch.

Happy to answer any questions to people who are apprehensive about buying like i was.

Cheers, now back to that glorious new kit...

Re: Dream rig, 1 month post purchase...
by sparkyERTW on 2013-04-15 06:45:22.2050

Thanks for sharing your joyful experience on here; admist the various complaints about manufacturing issues, dissatisfaction over neck profiles/pickups/etc., and inability to get desired tone, it's nice to have a reminder of how candy-coated awesome this rig can be.

My rig is similar to yours, with a few differences; I have a JTV-69, HD500, and DT25 head/cab (I haven't bothered with an attenuator yet, but I might look into it). I'm thoroughly delighted with each of them, and combined they're incredible. I haven't suffered any of the problems other's have complained about, beyond some slightly unseated tubes when I got the DT25. Admittedly I haven't had the opportunity to really exercise the rig to it's fullest, but when I have had the chance to fire it up it's been phenomenal.  I have pretty eclectic musical tastes, and the gear can always seem to keep up, and at the best of times push me into new territories as I experiment with what it has to offer. It is inspiring in every sense.

Can you get a better sounding rig for the same price, or possibly less? Probably. But I'm not sure you'd ever find one as versatile.

Re: Dream rig, 1 month post purchase...
by camilok on 2013-04-17 11:40:24.8070

I have a 59p, HD500, dt25 combo and the fedex guy just dropped off the d112 extension cab.

Have had the 500 for a year or so, the dt25 and 59p for about 3 weeks.

While I have to say I have some reservations about the modeled distortion stompboxes, I can get incredible tones from this rig.  I have found that, to my ears, minimalist is best.  I don't need to add a fake tube driver to my Type I amp when I can dial in a type III with no effects at all and sound better than a real tube screamer into a twin just by modifying the amp controls.  Add in a '63 spring reverb and boom, there it is.  I run the DT25 at full power mode with the master always at 1:00 or higher.  Lower than that still sounds good, but at 1 'O clock the power tubes are SINGING.  At 2:00 on the dial, my clean is no longer clean, if you know what I mean.  The Type II models are superb, and are my main choice.  You young wippersnappers will see one day that gain is your enemy (to a point) and your greatest asset is positive string contact with the right rhythm.  Nothing will make you sound better than clear articulation of notes, which this rig can really excel at reproducing.  Don't get me wrong though.  I like my fuzz too, but everything in its place.

I think dialing in your max volume on your quietest patch is the way to go, like a super clean blackface at 95% channel volume, getting the master volume on the amp up to where you need it (1:00) , and my Marshall patch is somewhere near 40-45% channel volume.  Power tubes do their thing.

Most important to note is that a change of 1% on any of the amp dials can significantly change your tone.  Be aware of that.   Use it!  forget effects at first and get amp tones that you could use by themselves.  The majority of my patches have preamp models, no cabs, and a touch of reverb.  Let the power tubes and your fingers do their thing and I think you will find it an awesome, and relatively cheap, gigging rig. 

I am looking forward to going over to the studio and powering up the rig with the added speaker, which I got for looks more than anything.  This thing is already loud enough to overpower my ADHD drummer easily, at least in that room.

Dont forget the FX loop out to FOH for acoustic tones.  FX trails OFF, too, if you are using anything in the loop and you have noise.

I have been playing since 4th grade, which was 1979 I think, through Rolands, Fenders, Marshalls, Soldanos, Matchless, you name it.  This is likely the most versatile amp I have ever used, and by itself is enough to play any sound reinforced gig.  Without a FOH system, I would likely use a linked pair of them with extension cabs, but damn it I'm old and dont carry things anymore.

If my P90's weren't so noisy, it would all be grand.  Noisy on my type II-IV models though, acceptable on the I.  Also, they do sound awesome on the other models when playing, but I cant stand noise.  (I'm old, dammit!)  I will be replacing the P90's with some Kinman Nasty 90's this weekend, if the stars align.  I have Kinmans in my teles and strats and absolutely love them.  I even put them in the Steinberger they sound so good.  High hopes for the P90 variant.

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