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Problems loading amps, cabs, etc.
by dakotajrose on 2013-04-13 20:17:27.8370

I have a line 6 UX2 that I've been using for about 7 months or so now, and I haven't ever encountered any problems like this, I've been using it on the same pc the entire time I've had it. It's not currently plugged in, but I just bought Metal Shop today and I was opening my podfarm 2.55 standalone, and when I opened it, it says it was unauthorized and I clicked the Licenses manager, it opened and said it was authorized, but it only showed my Metal Shop add on, And it only loaded about 5 whole amps (2 bass & 3 guitar), 3 cabs, 2 pre-amps, etc. It was like podfarm 1.0 or something, I didn't see the treadplate dual, the "insane" model, Chemical X, or any of those. Could this be because my device isn't conected? Iit's currently boxed up, I'll try it and see if anything changes.


Re: Problems loading amps, cabs, etc.
by Triryche on 2013-04-15 07:15:44.6180

You are correct.

Unless you purchase a seperate POD Farm license, you need the device connected as a dongle.

The POD Farm that comes with the POD Studio is tied to the hardware.

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