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Pedal board power supply
by poit57 on 2013-04-13 23:55:22.2640

I recently purchased an M9 to replace several cheap pedals on my pedal board. Now my pedal board consists of a wah,the M9, and a Behringer GDI-21 for recording. The pedal board has a power supply similar to the Visual Sound 1 Spot where the power is daisy-chained between pedals. I got a Line 6 power cable adapter for the daisy-chain and the power works. Unfortunately, I have found that there is a hum that pulses to the beat of the tap-tempo on the M9. I've found information that suggests that this is due to the digital Line 6 modelers not playing well while sharing power with other analog pedals.

I then had to start using the Line 6 power supply, which takes up extra space on my pedal board, and plugging that and the daisy-chained power supply into an extension cord that I run to the wall socket in order to get power to all my pedals. I had also read suggestions to use an isolated power supply. I tried a Joyo JP-02 for which I could not find any information for the actual output specs pre-purchase, but I went with this one because I found it for about half the price of the next lowest priced isolated power supply. It turns out that the highest output for any of the 9V ports is 500 mA, so I can power all of my other pedals, but there is not enough power for the M9. I'm back to where I started in that I have to run two power supplies to the wall outlet (or through a shared extension cord like I have been doing)

I've read that the Voodoo power supply works for the other Line 6 modelers, but that it will not work with the M9 and M13 because they require more power. Others have said that these types of power supplies wouldn't work with the M9 and M13 because these pedal units require AC power rather than DC that most pedals require. And I've also read explanations that the AC Line 6 adapter is simply used so the same power supply will work with many pedals from Line 6 and that the pedals themselves have the components to internally convert AC to DC. That seems to be the case with the M9 since the Visual Sound Line 6 adapter works fine to power my M9 with a DC power supply.

Hopefully, I have made my situation clear as to what I'm looking for. Is there an affordable isolated power supply that is powerful enough to work with the M9 as well as my other analog pedals, or will I be stuck having to run power to the M9 individually?

Re: Pedal board power supply
by phil_m on 2013-04-14 06:04:52.2540

I know the M9 will run on DC, but I'm not sure if I would be comfortable using it in the long term. The 4-button stomp pedals like the DL-4 will work on either AC or DC because they have a bridge rectifier in the circuit that actually converts the AC to DC. I'm not sure if the M9 has this is or not, or if it just happens that a 9V DC power supply works. Using DC has never been officially supported by Line 6. What that means is that if you use DC in the long term, and something happens, you may be out of luck as far as warranty coverage.

As far as power supplies, I've not seen one that has the sort of current the M9 needs. The M9 draws around 1100mA or so. What I do is use the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Plus 2 for mostly everything on my board, than I use the "courtesy outlet" on the back of it to plug in my adapter for the M13. I have a Pedaltrain board, so I can still fit everything underneath the board.

Re: Pedal board power supply
by LeandroCastro on 2013-04-15 07:49:43.1080

Hi I have a FuelTank Power Supply Classic that have one 12-volt AC output, someone knows if I can connect the M9? when I test the original Power Supply it has 10V.


Re: Pedal board power supply
by phil_m on 2013-04-15 10:55:50.9730

I wouldn't use 12V AC. That could actually damage the pedal.

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