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JTV-69 VDI cover loss
by brue58ski on 2013-04-15 02:15:34.4610

Has anyone else lost the springloaded VDI cover on their JTV-69?  I remember noticing how it seemed I had to push the cover a little too far in order to get the VDI cable out and of course it popped off approx 1 month after the year warranty.  A flimsy part of the cap broke and even if I could replace it, I think the same thing will happen again.  The cover was a great, item not available on the earlier Variax but to then make it so easy to break seems a bit odd.  Just curious if I'm the only one,  I know to use the old Variax 500 etc cover.  Has anyone ever received a replacement cover?  Does anyone know where to get the Variax 300-700 replacement caps.  I know what they are but I want to make sure I get the right size.

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