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Flextone III with looping pedal
by djfern on 2013-04-15 12:40:08.0560

Hi there folks, I have a pretty newb question. I did try googling about it first, but had no luck.

Basically I have a Flextone III with the FBV shortboard controller. I'm a novice guitar player and I have not mastered the amp and all it's amazing tones and settings yet.

I'm interested in basically recording loops of what I can play through the amp with a Boss RC-30 loop station pedal, and then being able to change the tones of what I'm playing on top of the loop, while keeping the loop sounding as it did when I recorded it.

I think that there's no way to do this using the amp effects because whatever you add as input (guitar or recorded loop) is going to get effected by the amp modeling effects. Is that right? Is there a way to do a clean pass through?

I basically want to record sound I get from my guitar plugged right into the amp and using the amp effects, and continue to loop that sound without effecting it more while I change the settings to layer more effected guitar on top of it.

The usual way this is done is to put your loop pedal last in a chain of stomp boxes before going to your amp, and using external effects to craft your sound, keeping the amp set fiarly clean. But I don't have a bunch of external effects pedals and am trying to more or less accomplish the same thing using the built-in effects in the amp...

I apologize if this is a dumb or obscure question, I'm very new at this.

thanks for any help or advice.

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