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XD V30 Handheld Mic Problem
by chris_ess on 2013-04-15 13:23:33.6390


I have recently purchased a set of six XD V30 Microphones (3x handheld and 3x V30L)

On first setup I could get 5 systems running but I was left with one of the handheld mics (THH06) not working.

Everything looked like it was working, full set of signal and battery lights on the receiver, full set of lights on the Mic but no audio pass through and no audio light on the RX.

I tried with all, some or no other mics switched on with no luck.

I tried with a different RX (set to the correct channel of course) and different channels, still no luck

I switched the mic capsule form one mic to a known working mic and the problem moved with the capsule so that complete unit was sent back to the retailer.

I have today received the replacement and tested it in isolation and all is good.

I set the whole system up to find that one of the previously working handhelds is exhibiting exactly the same fault.

What is going on here, as far as I can see I've received a faulty handheld mic direct from the retailer and another has gone faulty while sitting doing nothing in its box for the week it took to get a replacement for the first.

None of these have been used at all other than settting up the system at home to make sure it's working.

I can just send this faulty unit back but I'd rather know whether I should just send the entire 6 sets back as this is not a good start to my Line 6 experience...

Obviously I'd most like 6 working wireless mics as the system suggests is possible...

Re: XD V30 Handheld Mic Problem
by chris_ess on 2013-04-15 14:19:57.4790

a bit more investigation leaves me realising I have two different types of capsule across the three handhelds.

the two the same work fine and the other one is the faulty capsule.

I hadn't noticed this difference in the capsule I returned so cant say for sure what that looked like...

The two that work are as below


The capsule that is faulty looks like this


Re: XD V30 Handheld Mic Problem
by dboomer on 2013-04-16 17:35:50.9120

Hi Chris

Sorry for the problem.  Take a look at the concentric rings at the bottom of the mic capsule.  Are they nice and shiny?  It sounds like you are not getting a connection between the capsule and the pogo pins.

Can you tell me the serial numbers involved?

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