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M20D and 2 Bose Compacts at 3 day festival
by blomasky on 2013-04-16 09:44:34.9180

I work with a group of musicians who play on a virtual world on the internet called Second Life.  About 6 times a year, we get about 20 musicians and 30-50 fans, rent a hotel meeting room and jam for 3 days straight.  No schedule, musicians come up, plug in and start jamming with others.  To keep things small (and fit in my car) I have 2 bose compact speakers (so no need for monitors) and the M20D.  This ROCKED.  There were no sound checks ahead of time, (since didn't know who was playing or, on what inputs, so needed a way to quickly adjust trim, levels, etc.  We also streamed the sound into Second Life and broadcast the video (and audio!) on Livestream.  This little mixer was simple, (could teach others how to handle the mixer when I was AFK) and just worked really really well.  Attached is a picture of part of the fun!


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