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Connecting the Mobile In
by bronsonrock on 2013-04-17 15:52:02.4940

I have been having an issue connecting my Mobile In reliably to my iPad.  The software I use works best when the iPad is in the landscape orientation and the Mobile In just doesn't like to stay connected - especially with the guitar cable plugged in.  I purchased a 30-pin male to 30-pin female cable so that I can plug that cable in to the iPad (the cable is 3 feet long) and let my Mobile In connect to the female end while laying on the table.  The problem is that the iPad doesnt' see the Mobile In if I do that.  It doesn't work with any other kind of adapter (I have the 30-pin to HDMI cable that also has a 30-pin female connector) either.  I was wondering how others deal with this.  I like the tones I get from the Mobile In but it's not reliable enough the way that it is.

Re: Connecting the Mobile In
by Nu2moro on 2013-04-18 05:04:21.6890

Connecting via cable works well on iPhone.  Is the lead faulty and is it designed for the data connection between mobile in and iPad?  I'm no expert but im sure I read on an ios forum that some leads aren't compatible.

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