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Shortboard MKII & PodHD Desktop: Board reconfigures Pod -> ProTools crashes due to setting changes in audio device
by Eviltubbie on 2013-04-18 02:01:08.6390

Hi there,

I'v been using an Pod HD Bean together with ProTools 9 & 10 for more than a year now. A few days ago I bought an FBV Shortboard MK2 and configured the corresponding Midi-MMCs so that I can control ProTools' Transport Window with the Shortboard. So the Shortboard is connected to my PC via USB and the Pod Bean too. Both devices are connected to an USB-Port on my PC directly (not through an USB Hub).

I did some ProTools recordings through the Pod HD Bean and used the Shortboard for controlling the ProToosl' Transport Window. It works well as long as I do not have the Shortboard connected to the Pod Bean via the RJ45 cable during the recording session. If I connect the Shortboard and the Pod via the RJ45 too, ProTools crashes every time saying that the audio device has been reconfigured and that ProTools needs to be restarted. But right after the restart, the problems appears again. The problems stops as soon as I disconnect the Shortboard from my Pod Bean.

It seems that the Shortboard sends configuration data to the Pod although it is connected to my PC via USB where the Shortboard is used as the control device for ProTools' Tranport Window. I wouldn't have expected any data communication between the Shortboard and Pod as soon as the Shortbord is connected to the PC and used for the Midi-MMCs.

Is there a solution for this problem? I'm afraid that the RJ45 connectors will be damaged some day if the cable will be connected and disconnected very often.

Thanx in advance,


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