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weird sound from 412vs speakers
by loserface on 2013-04-18 12:31:13.6320

I've owned the spider valve hd100 mk1 head with 412 vs speakers since 2008. Just recently i noticed a weird sound coming from the speakers when i play through the clean channels. When i play through the distortion channels i cant really hear it. But i first noticed the sound when i was doing a bit of recording back in early february. It is kind of like a very gentle crackle in a way i guess is how you could describe it. Or,i dont know how to describe it actually. What do speakers start to sound like if they're damaged. Could it be that the tubes in my head are finally starting to go bad and need changed ?? Could this be causing the noise ?? I need some help badly as playing through this amp is my life and i'm totally in love with this amp.


Re: weird sound from 412vs speakers
by cgtrox on 2013-04-22 15:44:19.3150

If it's a "crackling" noise the first place to look is the tubes. That's why you can't hear it on the distorted tones. I recently bought a 2x12 Marshall cab on Craigslist and noticed a buzzing that was very annoying. Finally found out the dust cap on one of the speakers was poorly "repaired" and was a little off causing the buzz. Just another thing to look for...


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