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XDV-35 & Shure SM86 Capsule
by Reason413 on 2013-04-19 21:18:08.9320

I got a great deal negotiated to get my hands on an SM86 Capsule...  anyone have any experience with this capsule on the XDV 35 Handheld??

I like the capsule that the XDV-35 Comes with.. but I used to LOVE singing with a condenser mic so I'm hoping I get the best of both worlds here...

please let me know if 1.. If this capsule will work with my handheld... and 2. if you enjoyed the sound


Re: XDV-35 & Shure SM86 Capsule
by dboomer on 2013-04-22 15:01:27.4160

I have tested the system with the SM86 capsule and it works fine.

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