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DT-25 Died today
by spikey on 2013-04-20 14:13:53.7800

I turned it on after making a up L6 Link connection , it made a horrible sound for a half second, and then went dark.

RMA ticket turned in to Line 6 support for repair. I had no issues with it since it was bought new last October, until now....

Re: DT-25 Died today
by adamhartley on 2013-04-20 18:43:57.8300

Hey, I had the same thing happen about 6 months ago, luckily still within warranty period with my DT25. Got to a rehearsal and same thing you mentioned happened to my amp. It worked perfectly fine for close to six months before working in full vol mode at gigs about 8 to 12 hours a week before this. There was no hint something was wrong until powered up. I don't think it'll be anything to do with the L6 link spikey, It was a valve issue according to my Line 6 authorised repairer, they were replaced, and it's never missed a beat since getting it back at least six months ago and back to working anywhere from 8 to 12 hours with the band.

I have also blown 2 fuses in the amp heads life, so I'd highly recommend keeping a couple spares in kit. The first time this happened I had no spare, and had to make do with some speaker wire packed in with the blown fuse to get it working. Probably risky, and not recommended, but it got me through the gig.

Hope yours gets sorted, but might be worth checking the valves before sending it away

Re: DT-25 Died today
by DropTheSun on 2013-04-21 03:59:38.4390

I'm on the same boat. i've had DT50 212 for five months and yesterday it went dead at the gig. It didn't make any warning noise, it just went dead, just like pulling a power cable out. I've read so many threats about this kind of problems, that i'll get this amp fixed and sell it right away. Amp sounds great, but i can't trust it. Luckily i had my HD500 with me, so i could connect it to PA and got the gig going on again.

Great sounding amp but too unreliable.

Re: DT-25 Died today
by spikey on 2013-04-22 15:08:28.6000

Thanks Adam but Im pretty sure its not only the tubes as my power light will not even come on.

Yea Drop I here ya. I hope it gets sorted out because the amp does sound good, when it works.

Still waiting on a ticket reply to see if I need to ship,  or take to my local Line 6 auth techie...

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