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HD500 looper intermittent
by fudnoms on 2013-04-20 23:51:35.4550

The looper on my hd500 seems to only want to turn on and off every now and then. Sometimes I push the looper switch and it appears to turn on and off fine with any patch, but other times won't turn on at all with exactly the same patch even though I haven't changed anything. Another time it turned on fine but then I couldn't turn it off / get it out of looper mode / change patches etc with the looper switch. I should also add that once (if) it starts working that it works fine and you can switch sounds ok etc while looping.

I've only owned it a week so maybe I've missed something in the manual but can anyone tell me if the looper should just turn on or off with the looper button or is there some settings somewhere that I can't find? Or is the on/off switch dodgy?


Re: HD500 looper intermittent
by silverhead on 2013-04-21 06:29:10.2600

Sounds like your switch is dodgy. Other than external midi control, the only way the Looper is turned on/off is by using the footswitch (or probably by using the ENTER button with the Looper selected in the signal flow view, but that's not very useful).

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