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Good amp setting for acoustic guitar?
by shobbs on 2013-04-22 12:30:06.9570

I am very new to the Pod Pro HD (1 week) and I am finding some great sounds for the Strat.  But what are some recommended amps/cabs for an acoustic guitar?  I need to run my Taylor thru the rig on several songs.  Suggestions?  Thanks.

Re: Good amp setting for acoustic guitar?
by silverhead on 2013-04-22 13:13:26.8610

Check the Customtone website (see link at top of this page). Select HD500 as the product and search for 'acoustic'. Download the tone files and then open them using HD500 Edit. Tweak as desired and SEND the ones you like to your HD500 device.

Personally, I tend to use no amp for acoustics. I use the Vintage Preamp, a tube compressor, an EQ or two, a bit of reverb, and optionally some chorus and delay.

Re: Good amp setting for acoustic guitar?
by GTLazer on 2013-04-23 02:17:58.4730

I couldn't get a sound I really liked out of the vintage preamp, then I accidentally plugged my acoustic in while on a patch I use for clean electric which uses the Fender Twin. It added a brightness and clarity I just couldn't get with no amp.

Other than that, I'm similar to Silverhead - comp, EQ, maybe a bit of chorus, a bit of delay and plenty of reverb (cave with feedback at 80% but mix only at 15%).

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