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Just ordered a DT25! Need help with:
by pugdealer on 2013-04-23 04:29:30.6070

Hey guys

I got into line 6 stuff when looking for a new multifx processor... I always used Boss's GT something, but I was blown away by the POD HD family an got an HD500 a year and a half ago! I loved it, but after that I just could not be without a variax, and so I bought a JTV-59 just after the pod, and fed my voice and guitar thru the pod to a Bose L1 compact. This "rig" made me happy, considering my needs and means since then, but things have "evolved", I no longer connect my mic to the pod, and I want/need a better guitar tone, so I kept my money on L6 and just ordered a DT25 combo so I can get that nice warm valve sound, retaining all the flexability L6 has gotten me used to, BUT, here are my questions/doubts:

1 - I understand the amp will reconfigure itself to whatever the pod tells it to (via L6 link), but what happens when I select a preset which has 2 amps?!? How will I replicate that preset sound using only 1 DT25!?

2 - I often use the acoustic sounds on my variax. What's the best way to route that sound to a PA and stop it from going to the amp!?

3 - Can I update the firmware on the amp thru my POD HD using L6 link? I'd save me getting MIDI cables

4 - I've read about (valve?) realiability it really worse than most amps out there?

5 - I've never owned a valve amp before, and I'm not educated at all on how it works. Just tell me the basics please, like, "you gotta have the master knob at least in ____ so the valves will work properly..."! Basic and not so basic stuff you can remember, please

Thanks a lot guys!

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